Digital marketing strategies you need to adopt

"The main purpose of your video marketing strategy should be educative, entertaining and inspire viewers for your content to be shared and reminisced"

Digital marketing strategies you need to adopt

Tuesday December 05, 2017,

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Are you tired of playing the guessing game in digital marketing? It is time to lay the right strategy in your marketing plan. Digital marketing is wide; it entails website design, social media, online advertising, email advertising, SEO and content marketing. As SandCrestSEO, that is our field of expertise. Digital marketing is dependent on technology which is ever-evolving and fast-changing. In order to stay relevant, you need to consider implementing digital marketing strategies. To put it in Ian Schafer‘s words, “Innovation has to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are and if we don’t catch up, we are in trouble.” Laying a proper marketing strategy enables you to know if your marketing is in the right place and whether it is appealing to the audience. It also allows you to adopt the changing tactics in marketing and apply the future marketing campaigns. Attempting to market your company without formulating a digital marketing strategy can be disastrous and frustrating. Here are some of the digital marketing strategies you should adopt in this age:

Video marketing strategy

Video marketing is still relevant. Through videos, you can ably connect with consumers, viewers and followers. People love watching videos, and that could be the reason why sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter adopted video streaming, and you will find YouTube and Facebook to be the leading social media video ad sites. YouTube video ads are offered into two categories; the skippable and non-skippable. Skippable ads are called TrueView in-stream. They are considered to be cost-effective to reach people who are willing to engage with the brand, and also give you the option to skip in 5 seconds just in case the ad doesn’t appeal to you. This is common on YouTube.

Facebook is another popular social media site that offers video Ads. Video ads give users multiple options for engagement. They can like your page, visit your Facebook page, like video, share video / click to a call to action button.

Embark on your digital marketing strategy including videos ads, videos allow users to watch ads without devoting too much concentration. The main purpose of your video marketing strategy should be educative, entertaining and inspire viewers for your content to be shared and reminisced. Towing an effective video marketing strategy can provide one of the biggest ROI for any brand and builds equity in your target market.

In order to determine the purpose of your video marketing strategy, you have to know your target audience, understand what makes them share, like and buy. And also create needed content considering what they want, need and appreciate.

Many brands have adopted the video marketing strategy; those brands include, Red bull, Samsung, McDonalds, Australian Tourist Board, Asus, Nike, Adidas and Shell.

Red Bull was the most shared video brand of 2016/2017. Red Bull's videos generated 14.4 million of video shares than Samsung 12.5millions.


A responsive website is a must-have in your digital marketing strategy. A responsive website is that designed and developed to respond to user’s behavior and environment based on screen sizes of different devices from mobile phones to desktop monitors, platforms and orientation. The key aspect of having a responsive website is to drive internet traffic to your website. When most internet traffic comes from mobile users, a growing percentage of Google searches are being done on mobile devices. According to Forbes, 42% client traffic comes from mobile devices and the number is likely to increase.

Your website must be able to perform better and convey a greater user experience. The benefit of having a responsive design is that the size of template is designed based on screen size not just the device. Visitors must be able to click on the phone number or email address to contact you. Despite the unbelievable growth of mobile device usage, most business websites are not yet mobile-friendly and this frustrates most users.


Social media marketing.

Social media is one of the most influential tools used in a digital marketing strategy. Every social media strategy should comprise the goal it serves; the main goals of a company should be situated to increasing brand awareness, retaining customers and reducing marketing. Some of the latest strategies in social media include;

The use of chat bots

Chat bots are digital tools that can communicate and resolve problems for your customers without any human interruption. Chat bots integrate with your social media platforms making them able to automate everyday tasks and allow you to create more personalized experience for your customers. Platforms such as Chat Fuel, Chatty People, Telegram Bots, MEOKAY, FLOWXO, Bot Kit, Smooch Kit, Beep Boop and API-ai make integrating an AL-powered chat bot into your digital marketing strategy easy. These tools enable you create Chabot’s without any coding knowledge, take orders directly from your social media sites and comments, integrate all major paying systems, automate answers to Frequently Asked Questions and share information about the company and its services. Chat bots also let users chat live with managers.

Creating a community for your audience.

Social media provides plenty of ways to create communities, Twitter chats on specific topics, LinkedIn groups devoted to specific subjects, conferences and events, Google + communities on different interests like fashion, technology and business, Facebook groups created for business and community relationships. Social media communities help you create brand advocates and build relationships with your clients.

Tell a story by going live.

Live stories enable us to build personality and create a connection with consumers directly. Use social media to narrate a story, live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. You’re able to answer burning questions, get what is on their mind and check out their life reaction.

Email marketing

Using email is an effective way to keep customers informed. Use emails to send advertisement, request business, solicit sales and donations, build loyalty, trust and awareness. An email marketing strategy is part of your overall digital marketing strategy, and it is one of the cheapest forms of advertisement whether you do it yourself or through marketing agencies. You need to make emails relevant and personalized to the recipient for the response to rise.

To carry out an effective email marketing, you have to use an email marketing software like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and Runkeeper. Email marketing is not an option; you may decide to generate leads through Facebook Ads, Google AdWords.

Infographic marketing.

An infographic (information graphic) is a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make data easily under stable. 90% of the information that comes to the human brain is visual. This proves that people love facts, figures and statistics. When creating infographic, embed your log and brand style. By this you’re able create brand awareness. At the same time when an infographic code is put on a website, it is provided as an embedded code. This creates an automatic link to your website. The only challenge with infographics creating the right ones.

There are very many strategies you can leverage to execute your digital marketing strategies. Your marketing plan determines what to use.

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