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Flight delay compensation in Europe and USA

Flight delay is a common affair. But, most people don't know they can actually get compensation from it. Here, are some facts which will help people know their rights

There are many reasons for you might want to know the your passenger rights. Your flight in Europe or USA might have got delayed, and you might have been looking for flight delay compensation. You will also like to know what all steps you can take against the airline in case of any mis happening or overbooking. There are various reasons you might want to look at it. But, the biggest reason that you would like to know, for passenger rights, is related to flight delay compensation only.

 Do you know, that there is a law in Europe. If your flight gets delayed you would be payed a sum. Also, there are a lot of reasons on which it can depend.

1. 99% of the people who travel to Europe don't get the compensation or get paid less simply because, they don't know that it is their right. This costs a huge loss, to the passenger as he has lost not only money but time as well.

2. Since, this rule came into force their were 6.4 million passengers who were eligible for flight delay compensation, but how many actually got one is something you can guess from reading the first point.

3. The compensation in USA can be as high as $600 for flight delay. 

4. Your compensation depends upon the distance travelled, time taken, duration it was late, if you were rerouted on another flight and various other factors

5. If your luggage got lost or damaged because, of a mistake of airline you can claim compensation which can be as high as $3500

6. Do not buy bundled offers like meals, or other coupons as they can reduce your chances and amount of compensation you receive.

7. You can recover as high as $1350 from airlines in case you board an overbooked flight. The minimum you would be getting is $250

While, travelling to Europe or USA do keep these things in mind. It can help you in gaining some compensation for time wasted in case your flight gets delayed