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How we started Dowellstore with zero investment

DoWellStore Helps Corporates, Startups & Colleges To Create Their Own Merchandise In Fast & Straightforward Way.

VNIT Nagpur

Life is never easy for anyone, and it wasn’t for us either when it came to launching a business of our own. Especially for the reason that I was an idler from the Mumbai University. I had ideas, but not many opportunities. I had plans but executing them into reality was a dream.I am Raj Ranpara and with Zero investment, I decided to start a merchandising business. Things weren’t easy at first no one wanted to start up with a non IITian and no one wanted to invest in the idea, there were obstacles, and it was upon me to kick these hurdles out of my path to success. Soon, I started getting few orders , Jitesh Agarwal from NIT Raipur joined me when his raddiwale engaged in a scuffle with scrap mafia's and raddiwale was one of the initial client fo Dowell Store. And from me, we became us. We are the founders of the Dowell Store, which seeks to provide its customers with customized products.

Dowell store has managed to make its mark in the Customized products business as well as office supply business since past 18 months.Apart from traditional Customized products like T-shirts, Hoodies, pen drives ,wrist watches Dowell Store also supply unique high-quality Customized towels and Customized tie.In the present world of technology, where your competitors are in huge numbers, you have to be very vigilant and watchful; hence, we decided to show our opponents that we weren’t anything less than them; we decided to work hard. And we worked day and night to prove ourselves. Our determination and our undue passion lead us to where we are today. We had to face immense competition in the field but there was nothing that could deter us, and surprisingly we were able to bag orders from IITs, NITs, Start-ups and corporates. In the world of advanced technology and huge competition from all around the world because of globalization, online presence is very imperative. If one wants to be a big name instead of just a small company there is a need for the personalized products as well as online presence. Today, everything is available on the internet and if you want customers you have to make sure that you have an online presence.

Although not a lot of time has passed since we launched our merchandising business, we have been able to get 4 of our Engineer friends to join us. We started Dowellstore with zero investment and currently generating a six digit revenue after working really hard for 8 months straight.Once you have settled up and proved yourself suddenly now everyone wants to join you.Many IITian friends who refused once to support are now praising and showing interest in joining our team. And this is what led us to believe that nothing in impossible. All you need to do is believe in yourself and in your ideas.

Our Future:

Now stopping is not an option. Once you get on that ladder, looking down is stupidity. Now we want to expand our business and become bigger than our dreams. We want to expand our business by entering in the online segment. Our vision is to develop Dowell as the most trusted brand in India for customized products whether be it clothing, corporate gifts or office supply. Our target is to cater everyone, may it be a startup or may it be a big company, we are there to help everyone.

We just want to convey the message that where there is a will there is a way. And dreams can come true; all you need to do is believe in yourself.

After receiving such appreciation for our products delivered to our clients, we are planning to sell our own Dowell store merchandise products with our own innovative design concepts to help travelers in next 6 months.

Raj took a short break and went Himalayas for a quick meditation. He Plans out to make dowell a one stop online to offline marketing hub brand with a vast variety of services in future.Our offline merchandise solution works through www.dowellstore.com. 

We Now have Tie-ups with IIMs,IITs and big corporates.

College merchandise By dowellstore for Equinox IIM Raipur.

We Partnered with leading Shoes e-commerce website Fgali.com to organize a community meetup for artists and Designers.

HeART Out Event for artists and Designers by Fgali

We are soon going to launch our E-commerce platform with innovative design concepts for Backpackers. Being backpackers both the co-founders of Dowellstore.com want to promote backpack traveling in India with their upcoming concept.


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