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“You can win” – A short introduction to failures & success in business & life.

This is a short introduction by Pavan Badllani about why you need to fail first to succeed later.  Learn how to motivate yourself to win, even if you feel you're destined to fail. Read on and get inspired. 

“You can win” – A short introduction to failures & success in business and life.

No matter, which corner of the world you are from, you can always win.

No matter, how many times you think you’ve lost in life & you are ready to give up, you can always win.

No matter, how many times you have to try hard once again & push yourself one last time, you can always win.

So many of us feel lost & confused way too early in the process of pursuing our passion at one point or the other in our lives.

Don’t let your 20’s or 60’s define whether you can be successful or not. You can be a dreaded failure in your early 20’s but a massive success in your 40’s but you can never let time define your pace or rate of success.

The Iceberg Illusion of Success - The difference between what is happening and what they see.

"There are 2 sides to being successful. Without the pain, there's no gain. So get ready to work hard and commit to mastery."

"Famous Failures"

Col. Sanders started KFC at 65 years old.

Mark Cuban was a bartender in Dallas at 25 years old.

Morgan Freeman got his first big break at 52 years old.

Jack Ma started Alibaba when he was 35 years old.

Ortega launched Zara when he was 39 years old.

Steve Carell only got his big break after 40 years old.

Virgin was started by Richard Branson at 34 years old.

And it took till 32 for J.K.Rowling to be published for Harry Potter after being rejected by 12 publishers.

And here's the punchline, "You're not failing at any point in time. You're simply learning. Change your perspective to change your life.

Nobody said it was going to be easy. If it was easy, everybody would be doing this and becoming successful. More importantly, start defining what “success” really means to you. Along with your material possessions, define a purpose as well as to why are you really putting in all of your efforts to become rich and successful.

We have only one life to live and I feel we must certainly do some justice to our precious existence. Those days are actually gone when we could just be content and secretly cry tears of regret that we didn’t try when we had the chance. Why should we feel any kind of regret anymore? Technology is here now at our disposal. We have the option to take our chances and face our fears too. Isn't that amazing for everyone?

"Breaking Myths about Money and Success"

The number one belief that I’d like you to reverse engineer or break is that all rich people are greedy, corrupt or dishonest. Here’s why I’m saying this. Dissing on people with money is actually reducing your own chances of being rich and successful. There are all types of rich people who do different kinds of things, good and bad with their money, but if we can set our intentions to be clear that we actually want to make a positive difference & impact in people’s lives by earning money, what’s the harm in being rich anyway?

Another myth that I want to break to you is that when you are doing what you love, don’t care about the money. The money will follow. Yes, the money will follow. But only if you also start stating your intention of receiving money along with pursuing your passion. As an artist or a freelancer, we all love our craft. But we want to make a living out of it too. We all have our share of bills to pay. Hugs or handshakes don’t pay your fuel or food bills anymore and they actually never have nor will they do in the future as well.

Earning money is the oxygen for your line of work and that will help you keep your business or passion stay alive. Along with that, a meaningful purpose needs to be attached to your success to maintain that level of success. Because it isn’t always about “making it”, it’s about “maintaining it.”

So the next time you put in all your time, efforts and energy to do something you love, define your “Why?” & you’ll get all your answers as to “How” you must attain your success.

Finally, I would like to tell each and every one of you to keep educating yourself and improving your skills when you want to become rich and successful. Follow and observe routines of successful people whom you idolize in your line of work.

The more you learn, the more you will earn.


Pavan Priakash Badllani

Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer - Inspire Me By Pawan Badlani