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How to Develop Writing Imagination for School Essay


There is nothing worse than writing an essay when you have no idea what to write about. You perform the required research, read all existing material, and even try different techniques that are aimed to give you a push for writing an essay. However, these methods are useless. You just continue to sit and look at the laptop screen without any idea in your head. Why does this happen? The problem lies in the lack of imagination and creativity.

Creativity is one of the skills that teachers never develop in school kids. Most of them think that creativity can be applied only to art but in real life, creativity is one of the skills that employers appreciate most of all. Besides, the studies insist that in 10 years creativity will be one of the top-5 skills required for any job. So why should we neglect it? Even though your teachers may not focus on developing your creativity, you can do that by yourself. It will be useful for your education as well as for your future career.

The beginning: what to prepare for writing

Before you start to look for your imagination and creativity, you need to make sure that you have all required basis for writing an essay. First of all, you need to investigate the subject. It is crucially important that you do that by yourself as your grades will depend on how good you are at implementing your knowledge. Essay can hardly be called a research paper as it requires more personal attitude and your own vision of the problem. You can always order a research paper help, and no one will notice that it was written by another person. But with the essays the situation is different.

So, get rid of the temptation to order an essay, and do your research first. Read as much as possible to get the overall idea of the problem. Here is a trick: you can always use thoughts of other writers and their research to make your essay stronger and more complete. How you can do that without been accused of plagiarism? Read the following paragraph to get the idea on this problem.

Stealing is an art

Everything has been said before. But you can do that in a slightly different way and present it as your own idea. To wake up your imagination and to make your creativity flourish, you need to know how to steal ideas properly. Sounds frustrating and impossible? In fact, the art of stealing is probably the most important for the permanent process of generating ideas. The matter is that the ideas do not appear in your head from nowhere. They are always composed from the information that we receive. The more we know, the more new ideas we can generate. That is why your main task is to look for new information all the time. In future, you will be able to use this info for developing ideas and bringing them to life. Your creativity and imagination will have strong basis for a sustainable growth.

Practicing is a key to success

Writing is one of the skills that can be mastered if you apply enough effort and time. Practicing makes everything better, and it also works for this skill. If you want to write essays quickly and without spending hours on finding proper words, you just need to write every day. It does not mean that your need to write essays or research something, just do small pieces of free writing. You can write down your ideas, your dreams, or create some kind of a diary or a blog. You just need to write all the time.

To make your writing more professional, apply different techniques and methods that have been used by professional writers. You may try to write in short and informative sentences without additional details. You can try to write in long sentences full of descriptions and clarifications. You may try to copy the style of your favorite writer. Anything works.

Another effective method to make your writing better is to write down the abstracts and paragraphs that you like. Here, you do not need to develop your own ideas, you just copy what has been written before. In some cases, it works even more effectively than a generation of the ideas.

Developing of essay writing skill is a good investment in your future. This skill will be helpful both in your studying and in your career as well. So, develop your writing imagination with our simple tips and create A-grade pieces of writing!


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