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The 10 activities and experiences you must never give a miss while traveling through the USA

What you plan on doing during your trip to the US will determine if you are to become a part of the big ol’ tourist trap or you will have a gala time exploring the gems of the 50 states.

What you plan on doing during your trip to the US will determine if you are to become a part of the big ol’ tourist trap or you will have a gala time exploring the gems of the 50 states.Here are the ten things every travel and experience lover must try while in the USA –

Watch a Broadway show in NYC

Broadway and NYC have been the haunt of artists, performers, movie stars and pretty much everyone. It is also the premise of so many great movies, plays, and stories. If you can’t score Hamilton ticket, go to the TKTS booth for something fun!

Walk through the National Mall DC

The best way to see all the DC landmarks is by walking. You can also try renting a bike to see the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, WWII Memorial, Washington Monument...this list is simply endless.

Enjoy NASCAR at Talladega

Spending a weekend in the North Park is going to be the experience of a lifetime. Catch the NASCAR races in the new stadium and enjoy the weekend with your new friends!

Mint julep at Kentucky Derby

Don on the fanciest hat you own and head to the Kentucky race course. Do not forget to hit the noted distillers on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The experience is just like what you see on the network with 100 times the thrill and fun.

Spend a day in the French Quarters New Orleans

Bask in the multi-cultural glory of the French Quarters. While you are swinging to the tunes of true Jazz, do not forget to stop by at Cafe du Monde and Pat O’Brien.

Another day in St. Augustine

This is the oldest US town that holds many unexplored treasures. It is a home of Spanish colonial architecture, the marvels of deep-sea fishing and some haunted bars to add just enough spook to your experience tour.

Summerfest rock out in Wisconsin

If you time your trip right, you will find over 800 bands playing over a span of 11 days for a crowd of enthusiastic, colorful, soulful music lovers. Get a taste of the real Milwaukee parties at the Summerfest.

Drive along the Pacific Coast Highway

This is indeed one of the most scenic highways on the west coast. This 500-mile stretch offers a panoramic view of the Pacific as you drive from Southern Cali to San Francisco. Check out the Big Sur on your way to the golden gate bridge.

Experience the Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone is the home to many natural marvels. Natural geysers, stone facades, hundred-year-old trails and herds of mighty mammals around the Grand Prismatic Spring define a majestic experience no other National Park in the USA can offer.

Skiing in Aspen

Rachel Greene may not have made it to her ski holiday with her family, but you can get your own skiing experience in Aspen. Enjoy the challenging and thrilling ski runs down the Rockies and admire the splendid view of the Pyramid Peak and Maroon Bells as the sun sets.

Wine tasting at Santa Barbara

Rent a bike and cruise down the rustic trail through vineyards. Taste some great wine, experience the guided picnic tough and explore the secret of vintage wineries at Santa Barbara.

The USA has many adventures for every traveler. Once you know what kind of experience you want, it is very easy to fill your list with names of places off the beaten track that offer excellent unique experiences.


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