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Labyrinth of Social Media and the current changing trends.

A discussion about new emerging trends in social media and its impacts on common man.

Internet and mass media have become the new face of the fast growing world. Your image, your biography and your reputation highly depends on the way you put it on the internet of the way internet shows it to the world. Gone are the days when the reputation was considered even more important than life for some people. Sadly , yet it’s astonishing that how , today, internet has become a platform where anyone can sham your reputation , adhere to make your life miserable and for the sake of few bucks some people infuse the minds of young generation of the country with misleading ideas and views .In short , it will not be wrong to say that internet has lost its sole purpose for which it was actually made , like sharing information , providing knowledge and most momentous being , making the world a better place by providing growth of the society .

The easy access and minimal cost of online popularity provided drastic change to the way people present themselves. Internet though, is a source of income for many people but today people are extracting money by presenting themselves as caricatures and travesty. Youtube, which is the most popular source of entertainment is now a days flooded with channels whose sole purpose is to defame others and bring of a generation of children who learn abuses before they learn to speak ! It is kind of disturbing as well as downcast because when in this era, internet is the life and sole of every individual we hardly find someone actually trying to provide information or give enlightenment to the society.

This brings us to a very important question, is it technology or it is us who are responsible for the stagnated growth of our society ? The so called “social media” rarely have anything to do with society, well, as you know being “selfie queen” is a new profession today! The way drugs affect the progress of the nation the same way being addicted to social media for extracting wrong information, defaming people and becoming a salve to your mobile does. Technology, if used in the right way can take us to the gigantic successful miracles but if we continue to use it to hamper our growth , that day is not far when our country will be left with some illiterate , lazy , dishonest and hackers of all kind.

It is actually alarming and we must pay our due importance to the current happenings of the world and in country like India, which is still in its developing stage , making correct use of technology is obligatory. India has launched various useful applications and databases like Telegram, Enlte , Hike and many more but they are neither appreciated nor used by many people. It is really ironical that how we have this idea innate in us to consider all that is western to be of more serviceable and of amazing quality and in this way we prove that even after 70 years of independence we still consider them superior. If it is true then surely it is shameful, with Mr.Modi’s extremely useful and progressive policies where he is working to make everything “make in India” it is the responsibility of every citizen to contribute in making our country a better place to live , an utopian reality where we will be looked upon as bearer of culture , tradition , selflessness and intelligence.

Mr. Anupam Sharma , the CEO of a new startup which is on location based small network looks forward for revolutionary change in internet 

I think it is high time when we truly focus on what we will be presenting our future generations. It is mandatory for every citizen of our nation to add to its progress and make everyone proud. Using internet for entertainment is good, but we must make sure that it should not be only for the sole purpose of entertainment, we must use technology to help each other and solve our problems. It must provide enlightenment , vision , and growth and let the world sing for us , “Sare Jahan se aacha Hindustan hamara.” (India is best in the world). Let us create a world where technology and internet is used as a blessing not a curse.


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