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Understanding how Filaggrin deficiency causes Eczema!

People who tend to suffer from eczema usually have dry skin. They notice that their condition becomes worst when the weather is dry and cold.

People who tend to suffer from eczema usually have dry skin. They notice that their condition becomes worst when the weather is dry and cold. Many dermatologists say that bodies of many of these patients are likely to be deficient in certain essential proteins that are necessary to fight various types of skin infections. They go to explain that the human body needs such substances to enable the cells in the epidermis to grow, mature and protect itself from harsh environmental conditions. These include dust particles, pollutants and harsh chemicals in the atmosphere, which are common in winter.

Dry and sensitive skin

These medical practitioners state that when your skin starts to lose its ability to retain moisture, it becomes susceptible to damage from environmental factors. With the infestation of bacteria on this wound, the cells in the epidermis respond by producing itchy red and painful rashes. Moreover, if you tend to consume an unhealthy diet and lack of personal hygiene, it further aggravates your condition. This results in an eczema outbreak.

When it comes to these sudden outbreaks, you will find a lot of rashes and scars on your skin. These scars and rashes leave ugly marks that they are lower and reduce your self-esteem to a considerable extent. The problem with eczema is when these outbreaks occur and heal, the second set of outbreaks starts, and this becomes very hard to control.

Remedy in the form of a new protein

When it comes to the removal and cure of eczema, you will find that filaggrin is gradually becoming popular in the market. This protein is known for making the skin healthy so that the outbreaks of eczema are less. The human body needs a healthy amount of this protein that will fight the outbreak of eczema and allow the skin to return to normal. If you do not have sufficient quantities of the above protein, you will find that your skin is susceptible to allergens and it will cause an outbreak of eczema fast. The immune system also becomes weak, and the volume of rashes spread.

How does your skin become damaged?

When your skin tends to lose moisture, you will find that it becomes damaged. This makes it vulnerable to infections of the skin. With the passage of time, your skin also becomes dry. The skin responds, and you get rashes and bumps on it. There have been tests conducted by doctors, and it has been found that people that suffer from eczema have a lack of this vital protein.

Asthma is another indicator

Another sign of lack of this protein is asthma. Most people suffer from respiratory and breathing issues. Doctors say that if you have asthma, frequent eczema and a fragile immune system, the deficiency of the filaggrin protein is very high. This is where you should take preventive measures and stop using harsh chemicals, soap, and cleaners. You can use skin repairing creams that will largely help you to get the healthy and clean skin. If you do many household chores, it is crucial for you to use gloves and if possible a mask to avoid harsh detergents and chemicals from entering your system.