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5 places to visit in Kasol & around for the trekkers

Weekend getaway destination from Delhi

Kasol is today renowned as a destination meant for youngsters. With all the hippy cafe, and of course scenic splendour that surrounds, Kasol is loved by its visitors. Being a weekend getaway destination from Delhi, the place if often surrounded by touristy crowd on the weekends. But if you’re here for nothing but adventure that lets you relax in the lap of nature, you might need a little escape.

Trekking In Kasol

So, whether you’ve trekked or not these short trek destinations are some of the best places to visit in Kosol and around.

1. Malana

Malana Trek

One of India’s most famous villages, Malana is known for its indigenous tribe. The tribals claim themselves as the descendant of Alexander the Great. And hence they do not appreciate being touched by outsiders, even the walls of the their houses aren’t allowed to be touched. These people live a very simple life however, and speak Kanashi.

Malana Fulgi is a lovely festivals that local celebrate during the second week of February, and in August, Malana Shaun is celebrated. So be sure to plan your visit accordingly.

However, owing to many tourist activities in the village, the villagers have made the area inaccessible for visitors. However, you can still pass through Malana on your way to Chandrakhani Pass.

2. Tosh

Tosh trek is often found on the bucket list of avid trekkers and travelers. Connecting you with the essence of nature, Tosh is located at a height of 2400 ft. on the way towards Pin Parvati Pass. In fact, even if you haven’t gone on treks in all your life the trek from Kasol to Tosh is fairly easy. The trek becomes a treat if you take sufficient breaks, by the streams or just to savor delicious maggi at different maggi points on the way.

3. Bhuntar

Located in Parvati Valley, Bhuntar is merely at a distance of 30 km from Kasol. The flourishing surrounding make it a lovely escape. This is an otherwise lesser known place, and is not much crowded. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful hideout, this is it. Just carry along your tent and pitch in just where you please.

4. Manikaran Sahib

A sacred Sikh shrine, Manikaran Sahib is located at an altitude of 1760 meters above sea level. The vicinity is utterly mesmerizing, and this is a perfect place to connect with god. You can spend your time simply unwinding amidst nature, or offer seva in Gurudwara. Harinder Mountain, on the northern side of the gurudwara, is an unmissable site too. It is believed that someone beholding the mountain can get rid of all the evils in his life.

5. Rasol

Located on the foothills of Himalayas, Rasol is often the place preferred for meditations. Yes, that’s how tranquil it is. The route will take you through Chalal, where you must taste delicious local food! It would be best if you plan this trek from Kasol between the months of March and October, as the weather is pleasant for treks during this time.

But before you get going, don’t forget to pack comfortable walking shoes, umbrella and a tent if you’re looking for camping under the stars! If you have been to any of the mentioned places, we’d love to know about your experiences. Do share your stories in the comment section.


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