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5 Funny Accounts on Instagram That Will Make Your Day Better or Worse

Well, funny is always controversial, so if they will make you sad, do not blame it on me.

Instagram has quickly become the new black when the subject is sharing. What better way to capture and share some of your favourite moments and get inspired at the same time from some of the most exciting creatives out there. But creativity comes in different ways, it can be pretty sad and still be creative. But not today, today we are going to be creative and funny, so here are some of the best funny profiles on Instagram. (Well, funny is always controversial, so if they will make you sad, do not blame it on me)


4 M followers

This is the official Instagram of Betches Shop. Well this account is kind of a bingo, because it can give you inspiration to live or it can take it away from you, but well, life is a b*tch so it's up to you.

There you go fellas;



1.9 M followers

Jerome Jarre is a Vine and Snapchat famous and he's also one of the best on Instagram too. He makes you live with him by sharing his life in such sh*tty and hilarious ways. If you are having a hard time enjoying your sh*tty life, you can take him as an example.

Go and take a look;



2 M followers

Well, life is all about finding a good job, having a great family and dying in peace, not, at least not to the "girlwithnojob". She's sharing lots of cool memes about life and makes you see the tiny corners of life in such different perspection.

Take a shot;



2.3 M followers

Everyone knows the "Buzzfeed" but still, there's no harm in pointing it out for one more time and to be honest, Buzzfeed guys are totally pro at being in shitty positions and take fun out of them. No need to say more, if you haven't check them on Instagram.

There you go;



2 M followers

Life is sh*tty but not only to you, but to your exes too. It might not be too funny to get a text from your ex all the time, but seeing other people's exes is always such fun. And they are not all lame, there are some genius exes too.

If you want to expose your ex too, here's your best chance;



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