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How to know which international courier company to choose?

When it comes to sending parcels across borders, there are numerous International Courier Services available for the job.

When it comes to sending parcels across borders, there are numerous International Courier Services available for the job. You can either choose one randomly, or go with the biggest company of the lot, both of them are such easy options to choose, but is that what you should be doing? No.

Not all courier services can be right for you, choosing the right service depends on a lot of different factors. So, here are some of them that you should consider before selecting the right International Courier Company:

1. The time is taken for delivery

While the speed of delivery may not matter in all cases, sometimes time becomes essential. While you may be tempted to go with the company that offers the fastest service for the lowest rate, then don't. It is because the only way the company can offer such low prices is by cutting corners. In such a case, the service quality takes a hit. Make sure to go for the company that provides the most balanced service.

2. Is going to the most prominent company the best option?

There are both large and small international courier companies, which one should you choose? You should always go with the company that cares about you, and not with the one that has the highest turnover. In fact, smaller couriers will probably care more about you and your parcel than the biggest one.

3. Is cheapest the best option?

In some instances, yes, and in others, no. The reason for this is that when a company can provide the same service at a cheaper rate than another one, it means that they are making money from somewhere else. Most often than not, the logistics part of the courier takes the hit. If you are someone who is okay with tracking your package now and then on your own and have the time to make sure your parcel reaches your destination on time, go with the cheaper option. In case, you cannot be bothered with all that, go for the courier with the costlier service as they are more likely to have a better customer relations and logistics team.

4. Factors other than cost

A courier company is not just about the cost; there are a lot of different components that make up a company such as a customer service, reputation, reliability and their helpfulness in general. So, it is advisable to go with the company that ticks all these boxes.