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6 Jobs For Which You Don’t Need To Have A Bachelor Degree

At times, Education or a Degree is not the only key to earn money.Here are some professions which do not require a degree to work

1. A Sales Representative

You’ll be required to connect with people and sell them your products online.

2. A Web Developer

All you need to do is seek some training in various web-developing disciplines.

3. A Make-up Artist

You should be familiar with all kinds of make up products and know how to use them. You should have skills to apply it on performers to reflect certain situation, looks, setting or period of a particular role. Lot of experimentation and practice is required but no bachelor degree.

4. An Entrepreneur

You can also call it “a businessman”. Be it a sole proprietorship or a partnership, if you identify the business opportunity, have a great idea, a little investment and marketing strategies, you will not need anything else. You can be an entrepreneur only if you THINK LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR.

5. An Artist or a Painter

No experience is required but if you are talented and passionate, you can take courses of fine arts and you’ll be ready to sell your own artwork.

6. Real Estate Broker or Property Dealer

All you do is work as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer of property/real estate. And you get good commission for it. There’s a lot of competition though and no regular salary but when you earn, you earn in lakhs.


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