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I'm an entrepreneur who was actually a teacher .My journey started in 2013 when I built a page on face book to display all my creations which I made as stress buster from my work.I always wanted to have something of my own.......its a looooong story.I have really come a long way in a not very long time.Now I have a beautiful page ,beautiful website and a nice online store too...It becomes easier to achieve your goal when you get a full family support. I would like to advice everyone...keep learning till you collapse..there is no end to it.Learning gives you perfection. Don't dream of money making.Think how to create first..how to develop passion for your work.Don''t compare yourself with people who are successful.See where you are and where you were...feel happy about it.There is a lot more to add but I guess I will have to write a book then..ALL THE BEST TO ALL THOSE WHO WANT TO PURSUE THEIR HOBBY AS PROFESSION...


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