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Make Your Brandz- Digital Marketing Company by Upendra Rana

At the age of 26, he become founder of company as well as First Indian SEO book writer.

Tech savvy guy Mr. Upendra Rana, who also awarded as First Indian SEO book writer become founder of Make your Brandz at the age of 26. In 2012 he started, working as a fresher in IT company. He first learned then implemented to various project now on July 2015 he become founder & CEO of the company.

Brief about Mr. Upendra Rana 

Upendra Rana is a reputed internet marketer who has earned name and fame in no time. His profound experience in the field of digital marketing motivated him to dole out his nuggets of knowledge and expertise in the form of a book titled ‘Techniques of SEO-2015’. Touted to be one of the most sought after books of the year, it established Upendra Rana to be a name to reckon with in different parts of India. His wide experience in overseas projects can be seen across the quality of knowledge he has shared in his much loved and appreciated books. Applauded for his vast knowledge in swimming through digital marketization, he has written many more books to help the amateurs and guide many others to navigate through the intricacies of the industry. With more than four years of experience to bank upon, Upendra Rana became the first ever Indian author to have written books on SEO and digital marketing. The books have had profound impact on the young technical minds to enrich their experience in this flourishing industry. Upendra Rana shared valuable insight about the industry and myriad ways to navigate through the challenges. He has become a role model for the young tech savvies who are looking forward to forge an inspiring career for themselves in the industry. Be it the technical aspects or the dynamic marketing solutions, Upendra Rana has a lot to share owing to his years of industry experience and hard work. In a very short span of time, he has become a popular name among young aspiring professionals to carve a niche for themselves. His sharp acumen can be reflected across the range of books he has penned down to make a mark in the industry. Given his deep insight and knowledge, Upendra ensured that technical aspects are not as complex as perceived by majority of the people.

As a growing number of companies are entering the digital market space, Upendra Rana has become a source of knowledge for the youth to explore the plenty of job opportunities opening up. Over the past many years, Upendra Rana has earned respect from people hailing from different educational background for his unique approach. As search optimization techniques are embraced by companies of all sizes and nature, Upenda Rana penned books are becoming a reliable source to identify effective solutions to open growth opportunities. He is an ideal mentor for small companies and starups to kick start their business in the most suitable manner.

His foresightedness and perseverance is reflected in the number of books he has written so far to penetrate in the industry in his own unique way. As companies are opening up to the digital marketing and other backend internet techniques, Upendra Rana foresees a bright future for the skilled youth of the country to carve a special place in the industry.