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How people are able to sell high medicinal value Desi Cow milk at a price double than Buffalo's milk

Our ancestors were very much aware of benefits of Desi cow but over a period of time we started neglecting our very much own Indian breed cows due to less milk yield As now a days many people has again started spreading the  ancient knowledge about Indian breed cows, people started understanding the need of Desi cow's milk to stay healthy.

Belahi Breed cow

Do you drink Cow's milk or Desi cow's milk ?? As per recent studies done in New Zealand(Devil in the milk) followed by studies done in Indian universities, it has been found that the milk from foreign breed cows (Jersey, Holstein Friesian etc) is of A1 type though the milk of our own very much Desi breeds is of A2 type. A1 milk is not good for health and could have been certain implications with body like Diabeties, Arthritis etc and on the same front A2 type milk is healthy for human body and brain. All over India people are getting aware about benefits of Desi cow's milk over foreign breed Jersey,HF etc. Junagarh university of Gujrat found a gold in Desi cow's urine.

If we talk about SWADESHI then indian breed cow is the first thing that come up in mind as it has been attached with common man from ancient times. Because of high medicinal value of Desi Cow milk, Many countries like Brazil, Australia,US has developed high milk yielding breeds of Desi cows. In all cities across India demand for Desi Cow's milk has increased and due to which people are able to sell it for Rs 60-110 per litre though buffalo milk which is more thick is available at Rs 40-55 per litre . Demand is so high that it cannot be met because we do not have enough Desi Cows to fulfill the demand. In Chandigarh, Panchkula alone there is a huge demand of Desi cow's milk and people are able to sell their whole milk. Many people have left their job to start Desi Cow Farm and they are continuously promoting and advertising desi cow's benefits. 

There are people who consider milk as an value addition and main thing is Cow's urine and dung. Cow urine and dung is being used for medicinal purposed. so now a days Desi cow is quite beneficial if we consider cow urine and dung. By looking at the increasing demand of Desi cow , government of India has also taken initiatives and launched National Gokul Mission which is focused on to increase the Desi Cows in India, Gopal Ratan award for people who are doing good work for Desi cows . Cow lovers are also trying their hard to make every glass of milk a Desi Cow's milk. This is a very positive change which will benefits India in future.