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Kherwadi, Bandra - When people were involved in celebrating New Year, youth brigade in Mumbai celebrated their New Year by making citizens as actizens. Disposal of garbage in a proper way is yet not done in many parts of our city, which is one of the major issues we are facing. Ravi Jaiswal, a fellow of community connect fellowship, Blue Ribbon Movement NGO, along with the community volunteers organized a rally and Street Play titled “GANDAGI SE JUNG”, followed by distribution of 300 Dustbins to each household and placing 5 bins on Community road.

Ravi Jaiswal says that, “During this event we made citizens aware how we are responsible in accumulating garbage and what are the steps need to be taken to dispose garbage. We made them aware of BMC’s toll free no. 1916, where we can lodge complaint related to civic issue. People think that what will happen if I do, but we must understand that every big change starts from a small step”

Corporator Dr. Priyatma Sawant sponsored us the bins and was actively participated during the event.


Ravi Jaiswal

Bins Placed on community road

Youth Performing Play on "Gandagi se jung"

Distributing dustbins in households