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Why is Android Apps Development Important for Your Mobile Strategy?


The dilemma of whether to invest in mobile applications for your business is long over. There has been a paradigm shift towards mobility solutions due to the ability of mobile apps in establishing a personalized communication with the customers. Businesses are now seeking highly credible Android app Development Company to convert their ideas into revenue stream with the help of android apps. 

Android Market Share

Amongst all the smartphones sold globally in the third quarter of 2015, 84.7% devices had Android operating system equipped with them. One of the major contributors to the growth of Android OS market share was due to the proliferation of smartphones in developing countries such as India, China, and Brazil etc.

Android supported devices are relatively cheaper and readily available which makes them a preferred choice for customers in emerging economies. Google claims that there are 1.4 billion Android devices in the world which provide businesses a large user base to target through Android apps.

Revenue Generation Opportunities

Astonishingly, Android has generated staggering revenue of $ 31 billion and $ 22 billion in profit. Android provides multiple options to generate revenues whether you offer a free mobile app or a paid version of the mobile app. A free android app can generate revenues by offering certain premium features (In-app purchases) for which users have to pay.

In-App advertising is another way to earn through your android app. You can make use of ad publishers to earn revenue. A paid Android App can earn revenues by getting more number of downloads.

Android Apps for Branding

Android Apps can help business to get the mind share and heart share of the customers to build brand loyalty. In the era of social media, even big brands are struggling to maintain brand loyalty. Android Apps can provide an opportunity to engage customers through personalized communication and providing effective customer service on customer’s fingertips. Android apps can help to emulate the brand experience associated with a particular brand.

There are plethoras of opportunities that can be harnessed through Android App development. Mobiloitte is one such Android App development company which has helped start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises in formulating a result oriented Android strategy. With profound experience in developing android apps integrating latest technology, Mobiloitte can give your business wings.