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7 Tips to Create Content that Gets Shared, Read & Marked

Best tips to writing a content

You are writing a content on the website so that it attracts viewers and drive more traffic to your site. Keywords in the content will help your site to have an increase in SEO and link to your website. It is best that you provide a good content that is in trend so that you will have the chance to have traffic and many viewers on your site because nowadays people are more interested in trendy updates. If you have a site that displays the products and services on the internet, you can get many clients on the internet with the use of content & visuals that linked to your site. Here are the tips for creating content that will surely give you the output you need for your site.

Catchy Titles

Make a content that has a catchy title, it will give more chance of viewing your content. Think of titles that can attract the attention of viewers even they do not have interest in the content. You can also use the best blogging tools available to generate a title.

Ride the Trends

Your content must be in line with the trend and the one that has the common interest in the present time. Following these tips for creating content is very effective because the user is more interested in the latest issues happening around the globe.

Choose the Best Time

The best time to post content is very important. The content first design approach is very effective to attract the attention of viewers and readers. The posts that you are going to make live, must be put online while your target audience is using the internet.

Audience Engagement

Make sure that the content can attract and relate to the viewers and readers of the content. Make the post interactive with a call to a reaction in the last part so that viewers can have the chance to react to the article.

Use Visuals

It’s not the content that matters most of the times; you know that many are not browsing the internet read. Remember that many are after the visuals that they see and they have more interest in viewing than reading. Make a content that has pictures related to the topic of the content to have more chance to attract viewers.

Quality over Quantity

Another tip for creating content is to focus on the quality and the quantity of the content that you will make for the website. More content means there is a big chance that your site appears as often in the search engines on the internet. The quality is also important in publishing content, if both appear in the content then you made good articles.

Provide Sharing Options

The best way to gain exposure is to have your content shared to many users. On each post that you made, allow it to be shared on multiple platforms on the internet by putting social share buttons.

These design tips to increase user attention will surely help you to get more traffic on site. It makes your site appear in the search result. The link will lead to your site and have the viewers view the things you have on your website.


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