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Where Are You?


Babloo,Where have you reached...

Shashi,Where you have you reached...

Sushil,Where have you reached

This is how the 3 friends who had decided to catch up for a beer keep chasing on each other where abouts.

Every Friday night, I have to call my bestie babloo to ask him, where has he reached and how much more time we he need to reach at decided location?

How many times in the last few days have you done the same?? this question and this dilemma is the next biggest challenge in daily life's grind.

This was frustrating me from the last few years as he would always say that he has reached x point but he is still at y . He is very bad in routes too and most of the times he will take a wrong route to reach me or will miss the exit and I cant be on phone with him every time because that might lead to accident or something.

One fine evening Babloo called me and we decided to have dinner at some restaurant in Chandigarh,so the moment I started I called babloo where he has reached and after few minutes he called me to know where I have reached. This was not good. We decided to do something about it. There are solutions for one way tracking but none for two way. So we decided to do something so that we both cant fool each other :)

Stay tuned!!



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