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Reality is boring, Agree?!

Reality takes you from A to B. Imagination takes you everywhere! How wonderful it would be to magic ourselves to some place mysterious yet safe, from the comfort of our own homes! Intrigued? I design fantasy setups with photos of Children, which can be blown up to posters

I am Priya Kumar, a Management graduate, living in Namakkal. What I do is Digital Scrapbooking! It is an art of creating memories from photos, using purchased illustrations. I learnt it by self learning, as a hobby to create memories for my daughter. There was something in this, which made me not lose interest even after years and years of doing the same! This in itself is a surprise as I cannot stick to one hobby or interest for long! When my daughter was too grown up to pose for photos, I started doing work for others, mainly not to lose my touch. I started learning it in 2007 and turned it into a full fledged business (albeit a work from home venture) in 2016.

 I created a page in Facebook - www.facebook.com/TheStoryMagician 

On an average parents takes 1000 plus photos from the time the baby is born. And, most parents are fully engaged that these photos remain as softcopies, forever nestling in the cameras, mobiles or system. Children grow up so fast, and it is better to make albums for them to cherish their childhood! Just printing out the photos is good but what really makes the album stand out is when you add a sentiment to the photos! Small wordings, accents and specifications like date and time will make the memories more sweeter. I always have a way with words and I set about making memory albums for people who had not idea about how to go about it. They had dreams of a beautiful album and I made it a reality.

I add another dimension to the memory albums by doing fantasy based creations! Right from travelling on a boat rowed by a squirrel, to flying high up in space in a travel balloon, the possibilities are endless! I magic the child into a fairy complete with translucent wings and magic wand! Now, it is time to tell you why I named my page The Story Magician! Each picture tells a story and I blend them seamlessly into fantasy set ups using my creativity magic! The style of photo determines the style of magic I create! The photos reach my magic desk and they speak to me! Of course, you cannot hear it! I do as I am a magician of sorts!! 

I came up with a vague idea of a personalised ABC book and one person trusted me to turn it into a reality! It was so much fun to design the album which had 26 alphabet pages and 26 corresponding scene pages, in which the child interacts with the alpha word! I do personalised Rhymes books the same way! 

Then thought, how cool it would be if a child features in his very own story! I started writing stories from scratch and featuring the child in storybook style layouts! I also do Unique photo invites, Banners and Fantasy Posters! My charges are very reasonable for the time and effort I put in and I always provide softcopies. They are 300 dpi, perfect print quality! Whatever I create, I do it with passion and cannot excuse even tiny flaws in the design. I am very patient when hearing ideas and turning them into reality!

My advise to parents is to click more photos with camera and mobile photos lack clarity in 90% of the cases! 

B for Banana from my Personalsed ABC Book


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