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Education “on-line.”

Skip long hours of siting in classes and choose online MBA from online pondi

Monday January 02, 2017,

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Online education is not the next big leap but the current big thing! Crossing the hurdles posed by the loss of job or distance, online education has enabled access to higher education at the doorstep through just an internet connection. Online education provides an opportunity to complete or pursue higher education without any loss in professional and personal front. Self-paced learning and lowered costs have increased the demand for online courses in contemporary education. The advent of technology, shrinking world and a change in lifestyles has empowered online education. Formal education can make a living, but online education is sure to make a fortune!

Master’s degree is just the higher order study indicating high-order overview of the particular subject. Masters’ graduates are expected to possess in-depth knowledge of theoretical and applied topics. With the emergence of globalization increased the demand for a more scientific way of business management. Pondicherry University offers MBA in various fields like International business, human resource management, banking industry, MBA in finance, insurance management, etc.

MBA curriculum is structured around the core management subjects and the specialization fields. The two-year course is taken up semester wise. The first year of the course lays a firm foundation on major business management fields whereas the second year concentrates on the specialization the student chooses. The course is designed by the alumnus from revered institutes like IIMs and IITs with equal importance to theory and practical areas. The course is imparted through online lectures, case studies, team projects, video conferences, audio and video recordings, etc. the basic requisite for an online MBA course is a degree from any recognized university.

Courses are imparted in a hybrid mode taking advantage of both synchronous and asynchronous modes. The courseware is uploaded on the student portal where the students can access the material anytime anywhere through student login. Pondicherry University has taken a step ahead in providing the course material at the fingertips of the students, through a smartphone application, “Avagmah”. The courseware is just a click away if you have internet access in your phones.

Pondicherry University makes the student’s industry ready with various internship programs, projects, motivational talks by industry stalwarts, industry visits, etc. An MBA graduate prepares for careers that include Director, entrepreneur or founder, portfolio manager, product or project or program manager, financial assistant, business analyst or strategist, etc.