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Scope of Automobile Engineering


Nowadays, the amount of automobile vehicles is kept increasing every day. Ever wondered who are the people behind these growing numbers of automobiles, they are the automobile engineers.

If you are the one who is interested in making a career in Automobile engineering, you might have wondered what is scope of automobile engineering now and what will be the trend in the future. If you want to join an automobile engineering college, you need to know the scope of this field in order to make a better decision.

Before seeing the scope of automobile engineering, lets see what is Automobile engineering and what is the role of an Automobile engineer.

Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals everything about automobiles that includes designing, manufacturing and operation of automotive vehicles like cars, motorbikes,trucks etc.

An Automobile engineer must incorporate multiple elements of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software engineering , safety and environmental aspects into his work. It’s a quite challenging and interesting job.

Automobile industry is the one of the fastest growing industry at the moment in India. There is a heavy rise in automobile manufacturing units all over the India. Particularly in Chennai, there is sudden of boom automobile manufacturing industries in the past couple of decades. Multinational companies like Hyundai, Ford, Volswogen and several other companies opened their manufacturing units in the outskirts of Chennai. Which is why Chennai is famously known as the Detroit of India.

This provides a wide range of opportunities for the students studying in the Chennai. Not only in Chennai, automobile sector is growing all over India. The states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, etc., has seen larger investments in the automobile sector. It provides endless opportunities for the budding automobile engineers.

Career opportunities for automobile engineers doesn’t stop only within India. They can have a successful career in the Automobile industry in western countries like USA, Germany, United Kingdom etc. They can also pursue careers in an oriental countries like Japan, Republic of Korea which are giant players in automobile industries.

Since the Automobile industry is a huge industry, there is a wide range of opportunities for automobile engineers. 


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