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Why starting a business in your 20s is the best idea

In Time vs Money, Money is only as good as what it can buy. Whereas Time is priceless, as there is no definite way to measure the value of time. It is a resource that everyone has but only few understand its value early in life.    

There is no age for success. Some taste it early in their life (Mark Zuckerberg) and some at their deathbed (Colonel Sanders). But one thing is for sure that those who take risks early in life eventually make it to top one day.

To this I often get asked that 20s is the time of life when you ought to travel, meet new people, learn new skills and focus on developing bonds. Like 20 something is a form of relationship investment time where you need to build strong bonds, so that later in life they will help you live happily

Of course no one can live without building bonds with people. But the more important thing for those who crave success is to find real meaning of life. And those who find it early live a far more happy life than they could have otherwise lived by relying solely on creation of bonds.

It means if you are young and want to be something in your life, then the best approach would be to start early. With this in mind let us see what other benefits can you get by starting your business in your 20s:

Your Age Will be Your Strongest Asset

Beside having the advantage of a young mind, there are other benefits as well like: People will be more willing to help young people, experienced people will see you as a potential future leader, you will learn things early in life and people would be impressed by you having achieved an early maturity.

Apart from that, those who start early are less afraid to take risk. Young and bold is what they call it in the business.

Starting Young Will Help You Develop An Original Path

Young people have an inclination towards an original thought process. More experienced men try to follow an already laid down path to success. Not all of them are like this but with time and age it becomes harder for to take risk. So they look for already proven ways.

Starting early, you will get a raw experience of facing all the difficulties of life. You will have the best guide with you, your own life. As you will learn things early you will also be able to experience and understand what your seniors have to say earlier than you ought to. This is when you will combine your own thought process with their advice to produce something innovative.

Time is Money and You Will Have Enough of It

This may sound like an obvious advice but you should not ignore it. The best thing about this approach is that you can fail and still give your best shot again. And every failure will be like an opportunity to learn and grow.

I know that it will be hard to convince yourself to start so early but you have to think of it in terms of an early investment. In the business world the higher the risk an investment carries the more profit it will generate. And the toughest job is not to generate the profit it is to minimize the risk. If you start early you will have minimized risk by having time as your asset.

Lastly, the road to entrepreneurship is full of dangers. You can think of it as learning to ride a bicycle. The early you start the better. Because later in life it will be hard for you to learn the skills that you could have easily learnt when you were young. 

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