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Best Android Games to look for in 2017

As the year 2016 comes to an end. Here we bring you list of best android games to look out for in the year 2017.

Android games are getting bigger and better with every passing day. There are always some new games evolving on the Google Play Store. Android has numerous games on various genres and there always are games that suit everyone’s taste no matter you are a casual gamer or someone who is always gaming and glued to their smartphones.

Let us now take a look at the best Android Games to look out for in 2017. All the games included here free to play and available for both Android as well as iOS. These games are addictive with their high graphics and interesting play rules.

1. Dragon Ninja Rush

It is an action-packed adventure game with a touch of magic. The main key here is distance. You gain as many points as the distance you cover. On your way, you find many obstacles and opponents that might create hurdles, but also you will find many coins, gems, power-ups and you will be unlocking new character heroes.

You can create your own Ninja avatar. It is a fun-filled game with various new levels and achievements that are addictive. It has stunning graphics and relaxing music with great animation effects. It is a perfect game for children and adults alike.

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2. RPG Astral Frontier

Astral Frontier is the latest game from Kemco, famous for its RPG titles. It looks almost like a jRPG from the 1990s. You will explore various places, different levels, fighting bad guys in order to save the world. All this and much more, with one of the best graphics which gives you real time fun. It also has some elemental mechanics to give life to the game. Overall, it is a fun-filled game for people who like to have a retro feel in their RPG experience. Try this wonderful game that has a touch of the olden days.

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3. Threes

This is a simple puzzle game in which you have to match up numbered tiles in order to get a high score. But the twist in the game is that you cannot move an individual piece, you have to shift an entire row or entire column at a time. The game finishes once you have successfully filled up the 4*4 grid. A new piece comes on the board with each move, so you keep matching and also removing the tiles simultaneously. This is a game for the brainiest. It's easy to grasp and is so unique that you will be sucked in.
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4. The Trail

The Trail is a journey of traveling to the town of Eden Falls and settling down there in order to prosper. For that, you will have to do a lot of crafting and trading while on the journey and collecting money and items all the way through. You may also meet a few people on the way. Controls are very simple with just swiping left and right. Overall, this game keeps you interested by offering a variety of tasks as you progress and gain points. The cheerful music keeps you company.

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So, this is a set of games from all different genres that you can look forward to be playing in 2017. Give a warm welcome to the New Year with these amazing and diverse games.


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