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Afzal Anis Predicts 3 Trends of Digital Marketing Which Will Grow in 2020

Afzal Anis Predicts 3 Trends of Digital Marketing Which Will Grow in 2020

Monday March 09, 2020,

4 min Read

Afzal Anis

With the increasing trend of digital marketing, there are many small and large scale businesses trying to reach customers through this platform. Going with the currents scenario, many things will make the job of digital marketing simpler.

Afzal Anis is a well known digital marketer and a founder of Gravmo Digital believes that when businesses start to plan their marketing strategy nothing can be better than digital marketing.

In the year 2020 for many marketers have proved to be efficient for the fact that digital marketing trends that started earlier have evolved in the present situation to a great extent. Looking at the demand and pace of growth, it is quite obvious to say that this is the concept that is going to prove beneficial to make business for reaching the target audience. It also will help to improve the sales level over time.

Here are the top 3 predicted trends of digital marketing that are expected to show significant growth in 2020

  • Voice Search & Digital Assistants:

The concept of artificial intelligence has been quite trending these days. Now be that the data-driven marketing solution or voice search engine optimization, with these trends, many concepts will get broaden up. In case, there is any kind of business looking forward to standing in the competition then surely Voice Search & Digital Assistants is the right platform for them. We live in the marketing based technology where consumer interests keep on changing which is why it is quite difficult to predict too.

In the world of this technology developed place, voice search and digital assistants are quite proficient. The voice sensor is the perfect replacement for the keyboards with artificial intelligence. Keywords and blue inks are losing the importance of this era because of the voice search. There has been a significant dominance of voice search in the present world. In the current situation, nearly 20% of the searches are now on the voice search only. This has led different brands to come up with significant apps which can be fired on the voice assistant

  • Video Has Become A New King In Content Marketing.

From the 1960s when television was first launched with the commercials on till today’s time where the trend of Snapchat and Youtube is gaining the interest of people, there is no doubt that video is a great digital marketing concept too. It is effective and efficient since most o the consumers belie what they see. Video marketing offers the versatile, attractive yet extremely sharable mode for searching the right set of audiences. It has been found that online videos have a strong impact as an effective marketing tool as compared to direct mailing or printing media solutions.

Other than this, there has been also the data that stated nearly more than 78 million people watch online videos every day. Even if the word ‘video’ is typed in the subject line, the chances to get click rate is more. On a mobile device, the use of video watching is more. Formally this, suffice it to say that it has become a popular consumer technology with a blend of HD screens for better viewing quality. The only focus of video creation is to understand if your audience wants to get contacted which can speak to them

  • Social Media

The concept of social media marketing is something most of us are real and aware of. This crucial term has gained the attention and interest of many people because of the popularity it has earned in just a few months of its initial beginning. Started with the concept of yahoo messenger and then Orkut and then Facebook, there had been so many incredible journeys the customers have seen with social media that this can be your next digital marketing platform to choose.

It is a great opportunity for most of the business to connect to the target audience. If you are strongly active on any of the social media channels then don’t let the audience come to you. Rather, create a reason why the customers should be more receptive to the message that your brand shows on social media. Social media is controversial and which is why you have a better scope to show every side of your brand. The content which is being published on such channels often contributes to creating the personality of the brand which will also help in creating your brand voice too.

Final Words

There are many other options too that have been creating a strong digital marketing compact. Plan a good strategy and then choose the one matching your and audience needs.