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Android app Development Company vs. Freelancer

App Development is booming since last decade, it's hard to choose from Company or Freelancer

Android App Development Company Vs. Freelancer

In this digital Era, Mobile applications are a standout among the best ways by which organizations reach and remain in contact with their clients.

With the tremendous expansion in the quantity of cell phone users (it is evaluated that by 2020 there would be 6.1 billion cell phone users), any business cannot afford to be lag behind in this race.

For any business that desires to create Mobile applications, the initial step is to decide its application requirements in advance.

Does your business require an application on single or multiple platforms? If you are targeting multiple platforms, then you have to decide between native apps or cross-platform apps.

Finally, you need to choose whether you want to hire Mobile app Development Company or Build your own In-House team of developers, or one can also consider a possibility of hiring an Independent app developer to create an app.

Each of these options has their pros and cons. I have listed down some of the key points one should consider while hiring an Android app development Company in order to create a Mobile app.

1. Commitment and Focus:


One of the key advantages of employing Mobile application Development Company against an In-House IT department for your Android application is commitment and focus they thrive on and always want to excel in making just good Mobile app for given requirements. If you hire an Android Mobile app Development Company to develop the Mobile app for you then desired quality can be achieved with reasonable budget and time.


Freelancer generally tends work on several projects at the same time. They set their own priorities while working on more than one projects. Availability of freelancer is a big issue for stakeholders. So often they seems to be less committed and focused on your project.

2. Specialized knowledge:


An application development company has only one focus that is to develop a good mobile application. Therefore they possess the specialized knowledge required for developing a mobile application.


As freelancer is working on several projects handling front end and back end at the same time, specialized knowledge in both the areas is not possible for him.

3. Fixed contract:


Reputed app development companies are proficient in their dealings; consequently, they offer a fixed price for any application development project. These costs don't change, aside from in situations where the customer needs something additional. In this manner, application Development Company can help in holding cost down as well as in giving a good idea of a budget to be allocated. Working with application development company will help planning as you will know precisely what an application development task will cost before you set out on it.


But in the case of freelancers, they rarely offer fixed costs rather they offer their services at per hour basis. This will inevitably cost more than the fixed price offered by the company.

4. Project Manager:


Application development takes a great deal. Beside expertise and experience, there is a requirement for good coordinator to plan things keeping in mind interests of all stakeholders. This is where Project Manager roles comes into the picture. A Project Manager does the checks and balances the Mobile app development process. The Project Manager is in charge of ensuring that deadlines or milestones are met and to likewise ensure coordination among all development team members. The Project Manager is also the team's PRO, going about as the road of correspondence between the developers and the customers.

Application development companies offer the project managers to help in the acknowledgment of their destinations.


Freelancer acts like a one man army handling all the tasks from front end to back end. Freelancer is unable to balance the development process with the vision of business owners.

5. Availability:


This is a noteworthy territory where Mobile application development Company varies from freelancers.

When you hire a Mobile app development company to deal with the development of your applications you are not hiring an individual, you are employing the company. But in the case of Company if one developer falls sick then the project will be transferred to another developer. Therefore when hiring a company they will ensure that necessary deadlines are met.


In the case when a freelancer is hired for the mobile app development and if he falls sick then development gets stopped, so projects get delayed.

6. Access to Advance Tech and Tools:


Another reason to pick Mobile application Development Company is that they have access to the latest technology and tools. An application development company does only create applications consequently they have the most recent tools and software required to do the job. This will ensure that their applications are compatible and work well on desired platforms.


Independent Developers or your in-house IT staff can't have access to such latest technology and software. Putting resources into such assets will cost your organization excessively.

7. Support available 24x7:


As times goes on your Mobile application will require updates, improvements of functionality, making cosmetic changes and so on. In this manner, it is critical to have a Mobile application development company by your side all along the way. You can build a quality relationship with the company. Such a long-lasting relationship cannot be expected from Independent developers.


The developer may simply change his profession or move to another industry and thus be inaccessible to give such service.

8. Desired Quality in adequate time can be achieved:


By hiring a Mobile application development company one can have peace of my mind. An application development company has the expertise and professional skills to deliver the desired quality. This will be obvious from their portfolio, testimonials, and reviews.


Portfolio of Independent developers might not be able to suffice quality expectations of business owners. If the business owner spends more time on dealing with Independent developers rather than their own business then it might cost a lot to business owners.


Therefore it’s always better to hire an Android app Development Company as it gives peace of mind to all stakeholders.


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