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Exploring the Jungles of Australia with an amazing trip to tropical rainforests


Whether you want to explore the wholly dense tropical rainforests of Queensland's or want to trek through the Tasmania's cool temperate region, Australia has everything to deliver you without any hesitation. You can discover the magnificent beauty & magical appearance of the world heritage listed jungles of Australia that are stretched across the country & almost covers every climate type.

Apart from that, if you are an Indian citizen & want to explore the beauty of Australia’s magnificent jungles then Australia Visa for Indian citizens  is also a great option. Australia evidently has some of the largest & some of the oldest tracts of rainforest around the world. They all can help you in delivering the great level of excitement with everlasting enjoyment. Let’s go to the ride of exploring the great jungles of Australia.

The Daintree National Park of Mossman, Queensland

If you want to go on a tracking then, the Daintree National Park of Mossman of Queensland is a great choice at first glance, it can easily deliver you all the five climatic types of rainforests inside the region of Queensland. On the north side of Queensland, you can find world heritage listed wet tropical rainforests including Kuranda & Daintree which is one of the oldest tropical rainforests present on the earth. It is the home to the magnificent array of plants & animals. On the other hand, one can find the Lamington & Springbrook National Parks which can give you the soothing experience with sub-tropical & cool temperate rainforest which is dated back to the Gondwana supercontinent.

Within a range of Tasmania

It is the home to the Australia’s largest swathes of cool temperate rainforest. However, most of this area is protected as a part of island’s world heritage sites. All these dark, majestic & cool places normally support a rich source of life in terms of species found in this region.


Exploring the jungles of Western Australia

Western Australia has thousands of spots of rich & dry rainforest which are scattered across the sheltered valleys & better rainfall coastal areas. They can also deliver you the some of the nearly extinct species of wildlife including snakes & birds and also a species of endangered scaly-tailed possum. The national park associated with this area, Mitchell River National Park has wide patches of rainforest which holds the unique plantation life as compared to surrounding savannah.

Within the area of Melba Gully, the Great Otway National Park, Victoria

The Victoria’s cold temperate conditions are better for the survival of rainforest in terms of small patches across the Gippsland & the Dandenong, Otway, Yarra ranges. Australian visa online can provide you a better opportunity to do rainforest walks within the area of Tarra Bulga National Park & Morwell National Park. You can walk through the better height of towering mountain ash trees inside Yarra National Park which is only an hour from Melbourne city.

So, what you are looking for, quickly apply for Australian visa online now and plan your holiday to one of the most amazing regions covered with rainforests.