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How To Build A Startup In 7 Days

Many of my friends think it's really tough to enter the world of Startups. But the reality is just opposite. It's easy to start... but difficult to hang onto it! I'll tell you How to start your own startup in just 7 days. And about the 'NeverGiveUp' attitude, you'll learn it through your journey.

Day 1: Research

Do you know how did all the multi-millionaire company start? They all started with solving a problem in their recent neighborhood. 

So, bring out the researcher in you and look out for the problems you or your neighbors suffer every day. List down all the problems you see on your first day. Preferably you should have at least 10 such problems.

DAY 2: Ideate

Now that you know what's missing in the world, think about what is the solution you can provide to solve it. Never think that you are too young to have the knowledge to solve problems of the society. 5-year-old Joe Jarvis started helping his neighbors with trash cans and eventually ended up running a successful garbage business. See? That simple!

DAY 3: Socialize

You must have met many people till date. School friends, College friends, Professors, School Teachers, Social Media friends and a lot more. 

Make a list of all the people who have skills which can help you accomplish your idea into a company.

Ideally a team should have an innovator, a product designer, a marketeer and a financial advisor.

These terms may look very official but these are actually the skills you need to look for in your friends. Once you have the list, talk to them about your idea. Never think that sharing your idea will make them steal it. Rather it helps you to make the idea better as you speak about it with more and more people.

DAY 4: Create

Now you have a problem, a solution and a team. It's time to dive into the world of innovation and create what you have planned in your mind. Do not delay the 'Creation' step too much. All you need is a minimum viable product (officially called MVP) or Prototype.

DAY 5: Share it!

Share with the world what you have created. Share your product with your customers as well as with your mentors and other entrepreneurs. Keep a target of 1000 people and take a note of every feedback.

Day 6: One Step Back

You are bound to get a lots of feedback for improvement to your prototype. Consider each and every one of them and re-create your product. When you are satisfied with yourself, it's time to Launch!

Day 7: Launch

Every successful company has acquired their first 1000 customer very quickly after their launch. You have to make an aggresive launch to reach the same goal in no time just after the launch. After your first 1000 customer, you should continue to reinnovate your product consistently and work harder to provide even better solution to your customer with every passing day.

Hey! So now that you have a Startup, don't forget your friend Dibakar :) Keep Hustling!