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Why your call center software and CRM solution must be integrated?

This article shares the top 3 reasons to get CRM Call Center Integration.

Why your call center software and CRM solution must be integrated?

Tuesday July 10, 2018,

3 min Read

Call Center CRM Integration<br>

Call Center CRM Integration

Regardless of the fact that you are a call center, BPO or any other business if your business uses both, call center software and a CRM solution, then you must get Call Center CRM Integration service from a reliable company. If you are wondering why, in this article, I will share the top 3 reasons to get CRM Call Center Integration, but before that let's understand what call center CRM integration is:

When a service provider integrate the call center software and a CRM solution in a way that both solutions can work in harmony as well as both solutions can be used within a single sign-on aka single window, it is known as Call Center CRM Integration. It means once you get CRM call center integration you can use both of these solutions and its key features within a single system.

If you want to explore more details, read Call Center CRM Integration Guide.

Now, let’s explore 3 major reasons to integrate your call center software and CRM solution.

1. It will remove performance barriers

The agents/sales executives often juggle between more than one solution to provide answers to the customer or to the prospect. Sometimes, it adds awkward silence or increased fillers during the call. This can question the reliability of answers and expertise of your own company as your agents may sound not so confident. When you get call center CRM integration, the agents will not juggle between two different solutions. They will have a single system with all required features to provide more confident answers and lead the conversation at its best.

2. It will streamline data and operations

The call center CRM integration not only let your team access features and information of both systems within one, but it also synchronizes operations. It means the changes made through one system will be reflected in another system as well. For example, if your agents edit a customer entry from the contact center solution, the entry in the CRM system will also be updated. Also, the companies like Elisiontec assure that only changed field is rewritten and all rest should be untouched. This will save server calls and processing power. The updated data on both solutions will streamline processes and data as well as saves the time of your team from updating the same information in two different systems.

3. Increase business

As you can see the call center CRM integration will streamline data and operations as well as it will let the agents/executives perform at their best. The overall system, productivity, customer satisfaction, lead closure ratio, etc. will be improved significantly. This will increase your business and revenues.