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Hair transplant in India -- A life saving incident for me


Hello guys,

I am a happy go jolly and a self-determined 26-year boy. I thought to share this incident with you today, though I don’t talk much about it.

A couple of years back when I just completed my graduation, I was affected by Crohn’s disease, which is a very rare amongst men and women’s here in the CANADA and US.

This disease made me weaker day after day physically. I almost lost everything in my life which I used to love and live for. Gradually I also lost my hairs due to absorption of essential nutrients through the gut. I fought this disease everyday bravely and wanted to recover as soon as possible. This was taking away everything from me as the time passed by.

It took me almost a year to get myself treated and to recover. I again wanted to go back to my early routinized days and engage myself with my video shoot and hang out with friends like I always used to do.

With a bit of more effort and hard will I started leading my normal life, but before I could understand I realized that things were very different now from then. I was dropped out my video shoot and was not even considered for any other project due to my hair loss.

I felt little isolated and disgraced by the people whom I worked with, this incident brought down the excitement and confidence in me.

I felt like I had no one to support me then, but I had few close friends who always supported and stood by me at every circumstance of my life.

I met a couple of hair specialists and landed up with a solution that would provide me a permanent hair loss solution, which was hair transplant in India.

I went to most of the well-known hospitals across the CANADA and US but I lost my hope to get my hair treatment after I came to know about the hair transplant cost in India which was approximately between $2500.00 to 7000.00.

My parents suggested me to look out for countries having cheaper treatment. Uncle John was a life savior for me who suggested and asked me to check the cost of hair transplant in India and cost of Turkey hair transplant.

I consulted some of the hospitals in these countries and found that India was full of renounced and well-known hospitals with a cheaper treatment and high successive rates. I got a free online consultation before I went to India for the treatment and even the got the average estimated cost. This was amazing and exciting for me, they got me for surprised when they also offered me a medical tourism package which included my treatment along with the accommodation and transportation facility at the half of the price which would cost me here.

I successfully got my hair transplanted within no time after reaching India. The hospitality was undoubtedly good and made my visit a hassle-free.

It has been 3 months after the surgery now and the result is so natural and satisfactory. I feel as if I never suffered from hair loss.

I am back to my normal life now and am gaining my confidence back. I will also be back with my video shoot as well.

Thank you for spending your precious time guys going through my article, may Lord don’t put you in my situation, but if anyone suffers from minor or major hair loss, it would be my opinion to you to opt India for the hair treatment solution