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DUI Arrest Warrants

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Oftentimes, clients come to us because they did not go to their court appearance for their DUI, neglected to pay their fines, or failed to obey a court order. It is a common myth that if you don’t go to the court, or if you ignore any letters that they send you, the case might become lost or forgotten. That is untrue. When it comes to warrants, even if years pass, the law will not let the case go until it is tried.

This is a recent example from Poway, California. According the Poway Patch, on the morning of September 24th 2016, four deputies and a sergeant conducted a sweep in Poway in order to arrest people with pending warrants for drunk driving, which resulted in a total of three arrests. These three people demonstrated what is known as “contempt of court,” which means they possibly face probation violation, jail or prison time, fines, or license suspension.

One way to prevent getting an arrest warrant is by hiring an attorney to take care of your case. If it’s a misdemeanor, often the attorney can go on your behalf without you having to attend any court appearance. At the Law Office of David S. Chesley, we assign you a case manager who works with the attorney to bring you the best customer service, including any updates regarding previous and upcoming court dates.

Hiring a good DUI attorney is always a good investment. Here at the Law Office of David S. Chesley, attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience, are well established, and are reputable with DA’s and judges all over California. We also take care of the DMV portion of your case, which includes scheduling and taking care of your DMV hearing.


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