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8 SEO trends will rank higher on Google in 2018

Due to regular changes in the Google algorithms and other updates also affects the way the websites are crawled and ranked. Thus, it is important that the business owners and marketers stay updated with new SEO trends and formulate the SEO strategies accordingly.

Today, as every business person is trying to take their business to the next level; they are moving to different online platforms including e-commerce, websites, social media sites, etc. Having an online presence is not enough as today everyone has moved their businesses online. To build a strong online presence, one needs to take help from an SEO expert. It is the quality of content which decides whether search engines will be able to find our business or not when searched.

Development of Content is a dynamic process. It does not contain a syllabus or a predefined course which anyone can learn anytime and implement it spontaneously. A good SEO expert is a person who is well aware of the SEO trends that are going on currently in the market. Following those trends might help more than the knowledge that is gained via any studies or education in the field of SEO.

For any online business conversion rate is one of the most important factors. Also, it is not important that higher the conversion rate better is the business. A higher conversion rate is a good sign that the business is growing but to improve CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) we need to follow the SEO trends which changes over time. Any trend depends on the changing online presence around the world. Every year millions of new websites are listed as well as de-listed on the Internet. But, every time the website which follows latest SEO trends, wins.

Some of the latest SEO trends are mentioned below:-

1. Voice search will empower the world

Image Source: Reshift Media

In 2017 voice search has proven its importance in almost every smartphone regardless of the operating system. Major voice search tools such as Google Now, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana have changed the way we used the search engines. Now, people directly say the words, phrases or even sentences that they want to search to the voice search tools. Therefore our website should be such that the keywords written in it should match the voice search results. Only then our website will be SEO friendly. The analytics tools will help us in figuring out the types of keyword that people search using voice search. Implementing those keywords into our website can increase the traffic.

2. HTTPS is better than HTTP

The extra ‘S’ in the HTTPS stands for ‘secure.’ This means the sites that use HTTPS are more secured compared to normal HTTP sites. It is because it used the Encryption algorithm which changes its values frequently. This encryption algorithm is implemented when the Browser and websites are communicating. HTTPS does not only secure the communication but also improve the SEO of the website. HTTPS also optimizes the webpages of the website and hence increasing the chances of achieving the higher ranks in the search engines.

3. Hottest Trend: AMP

Image Source: Bridgesystem.me

AMP is a unique testing tool which tests the webpage loading speed across any browser. Hence, AMP tool not only checks the website loading speed but also checks the responsiveness of the website. AMP is a tool which every developer uses to check the webpage loading speed so, it has become a trend now. A day will come when AMP testing will become mandatory for any website before entering the Internet. Today, everyone is in a hurry, and no one wants to wait for a webpage to load faster. As everyone has fast Internet connections everywhere, i.e., homes, offices, and smartphones it has no longer be a problem. AMP testing can help improve conversion rates and click-through rates.

4. Quality content will remain on the list

While marketing any product, website or app, the most important thing is the quality of content. Content is “King”, Creating Unique and Relevant content is something which helps build a strong SEO and online presence among search engines. Better the content more the traffic and hence, higher the conversion rates. Web pages with good quality content can help win the hearts of the customers and hence, increase the customer lifetime value.

5. Creating pathways through social media channels

Image Source: Anthill Magazine

Among the total number of people currently online, more than 50% of them are on different social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc. Among the total efforts that social media expert make to build an online presence, half of the efforts should be made in the direction of social media. In some cases, social media can be the first place where customers try to find us. Regularly updating the social media account and regular posting is equally important as creating a social media account.

6. Richer snippets and answers

The gist of SEO is to help the website reach the 1st position in the search results. The website can achieve the 1st position with the help of richer snippets. Higher the number of relevant snippets, higher the chances of increasing SEO.

7. Creating Valuable Backlinks

Image Source: Websquash

Creating backlinks are a good way to improve SEO. Adding the links of the content relevant to our website can not only improve the quality of website but also be very helpful to users.

7. Google business page/local SEO

While creating an online presence, no one wants to miss out on local customers as they are the one who can provide us direct sales. Google business page help us build a strong online presence among local customers. It helps us maintain our name in the local listings. A good SEO expert can help us build a strong local profile as well.


The reason to follow SEO Trends is that every business owners want to increase the targeting of the most relevant customers. Without following this trend we can target the customers but, that customer might not necessarily be relevant to our business. If we follow all the latest SEO trends mentioned above then it can significantly increase our rankings in the search engines and hence, increase the most relevant traffic to the site.