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A chennai-based startup by engineering students provides 24x7 diagnosis support for the cars on the road

There have been so many stories of vehicle breakdowns especially on Highways and such a situation for is a nightmare for vehicle owners, specially if it is at a deserted spot. The situation gets worse at night. Imagine getting stuck at an unknown place on a highway at night with your family members when all the odds are stacked against you. Apart from vehicle safety concerns other worries will add to your breakdown tensions.The above case was the exact situation of Mahesh Lakshmipathi, the co- founder of the startup Motorinkz.

" It was breezy day and we planned to visit our native town for the weekend, about 130 KM away. We have a good car and were clocking a very good speed of 140 KMPH and suddenly the car stopped and I realised it had broken down. The sun had almost set and it was getting dark, getting stranded on a highway with family members and not knowing what to do next was a nightmare. The only good thing that came out of it was that I got an idea for how breakdowns could be avoided, which became my Startup" 

                                                             -says the proud CEO of Motorinkz, Mahesh Lakshmipathi.

The team MOTORINZ-2015

Before this startup, the team had been involved in another startup named Autenginn, which dealt with manufacturing of home automation products and robotics.The young team has named the product around which their startup revolves REVO, meaning a revolution or something which is complete. Some of the technological advantage that the team shared are:

Impeccable product:

REVO is awesome, with its crafted and complex technology it could diagnose every problem in the vehicle's engine. The team claims that their product could diagnose 2400+ possible errors. The team also promises to provide symptoms, causes, and videos for repair for any of the 2400 errors that their product could identify. Revo, with its brilliant in-built intelligent factor, allows it to predict the problem that could happen to your car in the near future . The product is enabled using GSM technology with an ARM processor that detects the problem and sends it to the server. Apart from the problem the machine also detects and saves all the engine parameters in the server which could be retrieved anytime to know the engine performance and fuel economy.

Revo, which could diagnose any problem in the car.

The Motorinkz Mobile Application:

" anything and everything has a mobile app now so we thought of developing a user-friendly mobile app so that people could view their vehicle stats anywhere, instantly"

                                                                                 -Uttam Sharma, Chief operational Officer

" Making REVO compatible with all cars and supported by our app, especially in luxury cars was a real tough task, but we are happy that we have made it and now our task is cut-out in updating the product with new features"

                                                                        - Arun, Chief Technical Officer

Although the startup hasn't been funded yet, the team has done a great job in making not just a prototype, but also a fully completed product that is compatible with all cars. Orders are flowing in and they have around 50 customers and they believe customer retention would be much higher from now on because of their mobile app launch. The team is also working to partner with major players in the ecosystem so that consumers wouldn’t have to pay much for subscription.

Completely designed and developed in India, The Product REVO is a great example of a solid hardware story blooming. We recently saw many big players getting into the IOT platform and making products which would help in lifting up the overall quality of life in the society.


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