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8 reasons why SEO takes time and an ongoing investment


Search Engine Optimization is obviously an important asset to your business but even the next door best SEO Company cannot guarantee a top position on search result pages instantly. Making your dream come true and being visible on the first page of Google will not take ages too but it cannot happen overnight even. Do you think SEO as a one-time investment? No, it isn’t! You will get to know more after this read.

Starting and running an SEO campaign involves a lot of tasks

1. Instant results are not possible as SEO has a lengthy list of activities

You must be thinking that there is secret to rank in search engine and only best SEO Company in Sydney knows that. But those days are gone when it was easy to rank by some tricks. Now the algorithms are very smart and now ranking cannot be manipulated.

Rankings can be improved with the help of SEO activities but you can’t get the instant results. It takes time to rank your site on top because there are numbers of activities which should be done properly in order to be on top in rankings.

2. SEO goes with the flow and draws organic results

Relevant Link building is the most important part of effective SEO campaign. So it is important to have inbound links but they should not be generated with link building tools. Backlinks should look natural because suspicious backlinks can detect by Google easily and your website can be penalized.

If links are increasing naturally over the time, your links growth will look natural to Google. Don’t try to manipulate results by automated backlinks. Go with the flow and get the natural and high-quality backlinks for better results.

3. New websites cannot appear overnight in SERPs

Domain authority plays an important role in the SERPs ranking. Older the website higher the DA. Don’t know much about DA and how to increase DA score? Search for “Complete guide to improve website’s Domain Authority easily” you will get the answers to all the question regarding DA. A newly launched website can’t appear on top overnight without efforts and SEO. So your website takes time to rank higher.

Sometimes new websites are placed in the sandbox called Google sandbox to control and test the quality. So it is fixed that it will take time but with white hat SEO, you can rank your site on the top of organic searches.

4. Older the site, Higher it will Rank

As I mentioned in the above point, older the website higher the DA and better rankings. Even if your site is better than your competitor, it will take time to beat them as they have spent a lot of time in content creation and building backlinks.

5. Goal Specific Results

Everyone is targeting the different areas and if your campaign is targeting broader compared to rivals, it is obvious that it will take time to achieve results. Let’s say for an example, one site is targeting local market while you are targeting local and global audience. So it will take more time and efforts.

6. SEO is a never-ending activity

Yes, it is because millions of people search every day on the search engine and most of the search queries are searched for the first time. So you have to look for what people want and you have to implement it for your site. It takes a lot of time to research what’s going on and implementing changes on the site.

7. Strategic Content Framing takes time

Once the analysis is done, it takes time to finalize the keywords on which to focus and which can be ignored. After that, you have to frame the content accordingly to improve rankings. Many of you will be thinking that they will upload 10 blogs a day and ranking will be boosted? Then you are wrong. Google gives priority to the sites who publish more frequently.

8. You are improving, so are competitors

Mostly every site owner will do something better in order to beat their competitors. So in order to beat them keep eyes on the rivals by doing competitive analysis and follow them. Do something different which they are not doing. For that Google can give you priority in SERPs.

Keep yourself updated because competitive landscape changes and even SEO algorithms are changing faster. Keep learning and implementing new things because SEO is never ending process and on-going investment.


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