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Garbage-In – Compost-Out

Story of indigenously built Organic Wet Waste Composter

The Beginning

It all started end of 2012, my father-in-law gave me an opportunity to start a new company, he already had an established family run business Ellennvee Group into designing and installing of Waste Water and Sewage Treatment plants.

Back then in Bangalore there was a huge waste management issue and we were trying to figure out a viable solution, with more than 30+ years into the industry my father-in-law came up with an idea of designing and manufacturing Organic Wet Waste Composters for bulk generators AKA establishments which generate more than 100Kgs of Waste per day (As per Karnataka BBMP notification 2012).

Thus began our research and development, the machine is indigenously designed on an existing technology called In-Vessel to produce organic compost in 8 - 10 days. The technology which has been used is recognized by Ministry of Urban development to convert city waste into useful compost.

Machine Functioning

The machine has an inbuilt shredder where all hard and soft organic material is mixed with 3:1 ratio of bulking material which helps in balancing the carbon and Nitrogen ratio once the material is shredded the same goes into another chamber called Blender where the waste is sprayed with bio enzymes and artificial aeration is provided for the degradation process to happen. The blended waste is pushed into a rotating in-vessel which is designed to hold waste for 10days, after 10 days the matured compost automatically comes out of the machine and the same can be used for horticulture and agriculture purposes. The matured composted is free of pathogens and is regularly tested in recognized labs for process compliance.

Few advantages of our machine over other conventional/Automated methods are as below.

Approx. 40 - 50% of input is taken out as compost and the same can be used or resold for agricultural and horticultural requirements

Requires 50% less power to operate compared to all other existing automatic waste composters which in turn saves on running cost

All spares are locally available making its maintenance hassle free

Requires less space to setup and has No odour and insect nuisance

Takes organic waste including Bones, coconut shells, mutton/chicken/Fish pieces, corn cobs and small twigs

Automated time based machine reduces manual intervention and requires less labour

 Least environmental impacts and is scalable with easy modular expansions

The machine is built to client requirements and the range starts from 50Kgs to 2 Tons capacity per day.

We also work with few agriculturists to analyse the quality of the compost and it turned out to be very good, one such experiment was done in North Karnataka where our compost was used in areca plantation and the results have been very good.

Accolades and achievements

With our installations we are happy to have averted 1729 tons of waste in the last three years from going to landfills.

We have been happy to serve customers from varied background ranging from Apartments to Commercial Establishments one such esteemed customer is Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

We have also recently received awards for Quality Brands and also Industrial excellence award from National Chamber of Commerce – Mumbai chapter.

Received National Industrial Excellence award

Future Steps

We are working towards bring an automated home composter which will ease the burden from the respective state municipal corporations, the target is to bring out the product where the only manual aspect would be to load the waste generated and the operation is just as you use a washing machine at home.

A true product which supports the Swachh Bharath mission

More details on the same can be had from www.ellennvee.com


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