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4 keys to ace business promotions

In this post, we intend to delve deeper into 4 keys to ace business promotions, namely Social Media, Text Messaging (Bulk SMS), Voice Broadcasting and Toll-free numbers and how to obtain the most ROI while steering business promotional campaigns towards a more positive outlook. 

The basic definition of Business promotions is to communicate with the target audience or potential customer base, with the intent to influence them towards purchasing a business's products or services. There are many possible ways to promote your business and its services or products. It can either be done directly, in person, through direct selling or through retail stores. The same can also be achieved through the Internet, using websites and social media platforms. However, the latest and the greatest way to promote businesses is through the electronic communication medium such as text messages and modern UC tools like Voice broadcasting.

In this post, we intend to delve deeper into 4 keys to ace business promotions, namely Social Media, Text Messaging (Bulk SMS), Voice Broadcasting and Toll-free numbers and how to obtain the most ROI while steering business promotional campaigns towards a more positive outlook.

Social Media

Almost every business nowadays leverage the immense reach of Social Media platforms to raise brand awareness and share credibility increasing, relevant marketing collateral. Successfully developing efficient Social media business promotion campaigns, usually requires marketers to first figure out the best platform to engage with their customers. For instance, in the case of B2B companies, visual social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram are the best option for business promotion campaigns, albeit their products can be represented with visually attractive images.

In the same scenario, if a business's products or services cannot be displayed in a visual manner, then it is best to approach all business promotion campaigns through LinkedIn, Twitter, and other such content publishing social media platforms. Businesses can promote their products and services with highly relevant and engaging content. With such an approach, businesses can push content which highlights their products and services to their associated followers or connections through such content publishing social media platforms, to not only increase brand awareness but also to increase business credibility.

Text Messages (Bulk SMS)

Companies have been using text messages or Bulk SMS service, in other words, for several purposes, but the primary purpose of this is to increase brand awareness in terms of business promotions. Bulk SMSs are a great marketing medium as it offers businesses with an instantaneous connection with potential customers. This is due to the fact that text messages are delivered almost immediately and also boast of open rates as high as 82%. Compared to the open rates of email marketing campaigns which usually ranges between 17% and 25%. This provides a great opportunity for businesses implementing Bulk SMS marketing strategies for business promotions to reach and actually convey the said business promotions to their target audience base.

Furthermore, Bulk SMS strategies also allow the potential customer to reply to the promotional text message without much effort and thus helps businesses engage with their potential customers on a much larger scale and scope. For instance, Starbucks, in the past have used Bulk SMS strategies to promote their "Frappuccino Fun All Summer Long" with immense success.

Thanks to Bulk SMSs high deliverability and even greater open rates, it has become one of the top marketing media for business promotional collateral. And the best part is that they are usually very cost effective and affordable, which ensures that even SMBs can leverage it for their campaigns.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is another such marketing tool which enables businesses to reach a substantial number of potential customers to promote their business, services, or products, simultaneously. Unlike email and text message marketing, voice broadcasting, as a marketing tool, offers a more personal touch. This is because of the fact that, the potential customer can hear the voice of your business representative, creating an instant human connection.

An added benefit of Voice broadcasting service is that it can easily convey business promotional collateral to non tech-savvy individuals. It allows businesses to target the entire general public using a cell phone, who would otherwise never respond or interact with other business promotional collateral.

Typically, voice broadcasting has been widely used by governments and commercial agencies to issue warnings and alerts. On the other hand, SMBs usually use voice broadcasting to push their business promotions, which includes special deals, business propaganda, and much more, along with other marketing campaigns for greater market reach as well as greater brand awareness.

Toll-free Numbers

We all know what toll-free number are! They are more than mere phone numbers projecting a bigger business image. According to numerous industry research, toll-free numbers are found to help businesses seem more credible and successful. For SMBs, toll-free numbers can work wonders for their brand image and allow them to compete with the more established organizations, in terms of market reach and brand awareness. Following are a few pointers highlighting a few benefits businesses can expect with a business toll-free number:

Getting in touch with the business or its representatives becomes much easier for customers

Expands market reach

Allows business sales teams to project a national presence

Improves efficacy of all marketing campaigns

Toll-free numbers also allows businesses to track all incoming calls and helps figure out where the majority of leads are generated from. Business can also use specific toll-free numbers for each individual marketing campaign and gauge the efficacy of those individual campaigns based upon the incoming calls generated by each campaign. This way businesses can also compare the efficacy of similar campaigns and furthermore, also lead the callers to the most knowledgeable business representatives. The same strategy can also be used to determine the effectiveness of different marketing medium, like newspaper, radio ads, TVCs, etc.

So, there we have it folks! Using these above mentioned communication tools for customer engagement and push business promotions can lead to huge business advantages. The best part is that intelligently implementing these business promotion strategies not only involves cost effectiveness, but also enables SMBs to compete on the same grounds as their more established counterparts. However, businesses need to strategically experiment with these business promotion tools to discover the best possible strategy for their marketing and business promotion campaigns.