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Roadie's Road To Entrepreneurship

Unlike the reality show's contestants getting into TV and acting, Arsh Sheariff  made all the way with his Event Management skills into Entrepreneurship in Dubai.

Arsh during his final audition. He was selected after Hyderabad Auditions which was his last attempt.

People in the Reality shows come, act and get lost. Get lost in the herd of millions of similar contestant competing and making their own name. A few years ago a boy from the city of Bhopal made into Roadies to only use his real life experiences to carve his way into Entrepreneurship. The story of Arsh Sheariff, a now Entrepreneur in Dubai shares his story.

Unlike a conventional engineering student, I have dreamt of fame. Usually, people from small towns don't think of getting into reality shows, but 3 years, 13 group discussions and 15 auditions later, I was making it big. While my peers were preparing for their campus placements, I was eyeing my place in the Roadies squad.

Many people mocked me, calling my dream a useless one, but I was hung on to my belief that these opportunities would lead to greater ones. And this very attitude led me to the place where I was invited as a guest of honor to the very same college that I was once mocked in.

Making it to the Roadies stage was not an end for me but rather a beginning for a new life. I made new friends, learned the meaning of life through crude experiences, and understood shouldering responsibilities in a way no one ever thought I would.

Apart from all the bling, I have been an active social worker, contributing to the society whenever and wherever I could. One of the prominent instances is my active participation and leadership in initiating a self-funded AIDS Mass testing campaign. This initiative has grown so much that it has got the support of MTV celebrities like Vijender Singh, Raghu, and Ranvijay, and also from organizations like Viacom 18 and from the Secretary of Ministry of Family Welfare. This initiative has grown so big that till date more than 4 lakh people have been tested. And for this efforts, I am the only person in India today who is certified by NACO to carry out AIDS testing and have been assigned to become the Project Manager for the AIDS-free India Initiative.

Arsh aimed for Limca Book of records becoming the first person to carry mass testing for AIDS.

Till date, I have 122 successful events under my belt, spanning across all parts of the world, including US, Shanghai, Australia etc. Presently, I am leading the team for organizing the Dubai Festival in Mumbai, which is a huge 6 Million USD project.

Taking regular small steps, I am just paving my way for a successful future, and with my undying belief in giving my best into everything I do, there is no doubt left that I will one day realize my dreams and make myself, my family, my society, and my country proud.