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Monjin is Changing the Way Top MNCs Hire!

They Value Skills. They Value Career.

Tuesday December 13, 2016,

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What happens when we hear the word, Interview? Its panic, stress, fear of unknown and the nerve wrenching horror of being judged. And this certainly holds true for most of us.

But, Monjin- a digital innovation in the field of recruitment industry aims to change this status quo.

It is built around a platform where Candidates and Interviewers come together out of genuine interest and purely based on their skills.

To explain it better, when a candidate joins Monjin, the system’s artificial intelligent matching engine automatically pairs the candidate with the right interviewer. The virtual interview, which then takes place is video-recorded, indexed tagged and rated. This makes the selection process extremely standardized and highly efficient for the employers.

Monjin is helping:

Monjin lets the candidates take one video interview at their convenience from the comfort of their home and stream it to multiple employers at once hence solving candidate’s usual interview hassles of inconvenient interview timings along with unwanted travel to the interview venues.

Also, Monjin has created a completely new profession “Interviewer” / “Expert”, where everyone’s skills is their currency and they can better utilize their time by interviewing skills and helping individuals and employers.

And that’s not it, Monjin being the world’s first VIP (Vetted Interviewed profiles) platform along with its very own global network of interviewers simplifies the hiring process of employers by getting the best matched talent for them and significantly improving their hit rate ratio. Hence:

Employers  save costs and time on hiring,

Interviewers earn added monetary rewards, build a brand of their own and

Job seekers gets to display their true skills/ potential.

When asked about Monjin’s vision, Co-founder & CEO Abhijit Kashyape says, “Our vision is to create most compelling interviewing and assessment company of the 21st century by driving world’s transition to Monjin – Give businesses and hiring managers assessed ready resources.”

What makes Monjin unique:

Monjin is a first-of-its-kind platform where the interviewers meet candidates live through Intelligent video scheduling.

The interviewers and candidates are matched on Monjin engine via AI for an interview. These video interviews are recorded, analyzed, indexed, rated and tagged, which can either be shared within or outside an organization and streamed across various devices.

The Clients have access to a video interview where they see the interviewer and the candidate both in the frame, the interview is indexed, rated, tagged by skill and subskills, by behavior and by competency. There is also a summary video as a part of assessment, which is delivered by the expert.

The founding team:

The zeal to make a difference in the world brought the Monjin team together. After being successful in their careers, the passion to give something back to the society is the driving source for the Monjineers, Abhijit Kashyape, Co-founder & CEO and Ashutosh Kulkarni, Co-founder & Director.

Co-founder & CEO Abhijit Kashyape signs off with- “LinkedIn shows you who’s out there but Monjin tells you how they are!”