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4 basic do's for brands on digital

These are some things we need to keep in mind while we handle a brand in the #Digital space! 

4 basic do's for brands on digital

Thursday August 31, 2017,

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1. Listening

With easy access to internet and data, we’ve seen a rise across the world of people voicing their opinions. What used to be a privilege for the few top people who the usual press covered, is now open to everyone. We even see mainstream newspapers picking up tweets or status updates from Twitter/Facebook and printing them as news. With so many people speaking up, reviewing, talking about anything and everything online, it’s now more important than ever to LISTEN. Never before did people have the chance to voice their opinions about your products or services, but now, it’s just a click and a comment away. Brands need to take this up seriously and listen, talk and engage with them to build a positive sentiment around their brand. Experiences through your product now matter more than ever and brands have to take the extra step of actually doing something about it.

An example is that of Anand Mahindra sending out a congratulatory tweet to our Olympic winners. When someone responded to him by saying that he should gift each of the Indian Olympic medal winners a Mahindra car, he turned it around by asking his followers if he should. And when they all supported the person who asked for the car to be gifted, he made sure his team got a customized Mahindra car be gifted to each of the winners.

This is a brilliant example of listening on Social Media and turning it around in the favor of the brand.

2. Tracking & Analyzing

The best part of digital is the ability to track everything. Every rupee that you spend on digital can be measured in terms of impressions, reach and engagement and a lot of other parameters. Its transparent and that’s what makes it so trustable to invest on. But the important part that a lot of people miss out on is analyzing. Digital also gives us data to analyze what is working for our brand and what isn’t, how impactful our campaigns are to a particular target group and if we are getting enough ROI. Though Tracking & Analyzing is time consuming, it helps you build a foolproof and effective advertising plan which can help brands offline as well.

3. Personalization & Interactive

As we all know, digital works so well because it is a two-way communication platform and hence it becomes extremely important for brands to generate content strategy which interacts with their TG. Personalization using digital is fairly easy and hence leveraging these possibilities can help the brand in increasing their conversion rates.

4. Setting a Brand Tone

It’s important for a brand to have a tonality & a personality online which is consistent across all platforms. While some major brands like Apple, Samsung, have mastered these techniques, smaller brands need to understand the importance of having these things in place. It helps in guiding the agencies to generate relevant content strategies that will work best for the brand.

- Authored by Mehul Gupta, Co-founder & Digital Marketing Head, SoCheers

Source - The article was first published on LinkedIn.