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Be Kind than being Right first: Mohit Dubey, CEO CARWALE

From telemedicine in a rural area to CarWale, failure was nothing but a way of learning to success for Mohit Dubey, a successful entrepreneur.

Believing in himself and his skills, Mohit Dubey is a 42year old successful entrepreneur, who is all set to woo the world with more of his successful ventures ahead. Despite having studied in a Sainik School all his childhood, he was more interested in doing engineering or becoming a banker than joining the military. Although it takes a lot of courage to defy those previously laid norms of not going for any unconventional career option other than training to join military. But he did... and if you are thinking it to be the end of his struggles, hold on your sighs, this was just the beginning.

Right from that moment to next 20 years, he believed in his dream of doing something big, something extraordinary, something that could help others in a way it was never thought before. CarWale is the result of such distinguished thinking when he tried to automate the automotive logistics making dealerships seamless and convenient. Starting his journey from a small kiosk village in Bhopal, Mohit Dubey is counted amongst the top emerging entrepreneurs of our country.


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