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Meet 19-Year old young Entrepreneur from Himachal Pradesh

Mukesh Bhardwaj who starts his entrepreneurs journey when he was at school

In 2015, when Mukesh got his first laptop from Himachal's government as he scored good marks in 10th standard. And the business mind starts working from that night, and now he's the Himachal Pradesh's youngest entrepreneur who manages several blogs, websites and also opens his startup company named digitalwebdia.

Let's Dive into his life journey and his experience of becoming tech geek and then entrepreneur.

Who is Mukesh Bhardwaj?

Mukesh Bhardwaj is 19-year old young entrepreneur studying Mechanical Engineering at Nagrota Bagwan, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. And living at Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh.

How's your Journey of Technology Geek starts so far?

So here he shared his journey that he became a technology geek and ethical hacker.

"It was the day when I was with my father watching a news and then suddenly headlines came "some of the hackers stole banks data and breached ." at that time was in 10th standard and believe me. I don't even know what hackers are? That moment I asked my father "Papa yeh hacker kya hote hai" and my dad replied - "Those who are computer masterminds play with codes, and doing illegal things. And an idea struck in my mind that I want to become a hacker? Fathers Laugh.

Mukesh Bhardwaj Young Entrepreneur 

Don’t think about failures, just think about the chances you miss when you don’t even try. 

That time there was no smartphone in my family from where I used to learn all such things. But we had a Personal computer which had 128 MB of RAM (Now a smartphone of lower price comes with at least 1GB of RAM). So I forced my father to get an internet connection and soon I got an internet connection. And start doing searching, but again I distract from learning to hack as I read its challenging and stop learning but my curiosity was never end

As you all see there're a guy/Elder peoples in every's house where we take advice from them as we think he's the most success full person in our family.

There is my elder brother (Not going to reveal his name) I asked him to guide me as i had loads of interest in hacking and all tech stuff. He said a kid couldn't do anything, and you have to become a programmer to be a hacker. These things that demotivated me. But I ignored him as i had a determination to become something that no one is.

it was the day when i got my first laptop by Himachal's government when i was in 11th standard and the moment you won't believe this was the first step of becoming a tech geek. From that day I start learning everything from google, youtube.

What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?

Actually, i don't know what the most difficult time was. But yes it was tough for me to manage my passion and study when i was in 12th standard (Also pressure to get selection in NIT or IIT etc.). And the best thing while learning all such ethical things is i met some of the best Indian hackers and most of them working with me on my new startup.

What was the turning point?

Yeah, that awesome question. After getting bored or a fear of hacking.Luckily, i found a person named Faraz Siddiqui. He told me if you had your knowledge in the hacking field then why don't you make it useful for others? Then i start a free Blogspot blog named www.mukeshtricks4u.com but that time i didn't know the meaning of blogging.

After researching and meeting good bloggers, i just start my some micro niche blogs (Sorry but i can't reveal them). And then the journey of bloggers started, and like other i too struggle very much to become a brand blogger.

As we all know, The universe has no restrictions. You place restrictions on the universe with your expectations. and finally, i start a brand blog named - itechhacks where I share the best technology geeks things and complete the hunger of peoples who wants only tech hacks.still, I'm doing blogging and helping others to make money online. in blogging career, i meet the number of best Indian bloggers who helped me a lot. Now here i'm who is the No.1 tech blogger from Himachal Pradesh.

Digitalwebdia Startup Plans?

Digitalwebdia - This one is my startup from where I got good clients and brand who approaches me. In this little Himachal's based company me (As a CEO) and rest of my dedicated team creates websites, providing best SEO (Search engine optimization), Logo Designing and Digital marketing services. Currentlly due to time pressure i can't manage more than these. But our next plan is to join the Google Internship 2017. Hope we will there.

Digitalwebdia.com Startup Company

Time Management And What Keeps You Motivated?

The main thing was my relatives no matter how much real talent you possess, only marks speak and not the talent!A wise man said " Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not" So because of spending 5-6 hours in my company and other online services, I still give time to my studies (As you know about engineering studies).

Share your thoughts that inspire peoples

Well, as of now i only trust in my mind's power - "The Mind is everything qhat you thinks, you become, " and I think the dream i watched few years ago is now i living.

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