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The party concert business in Thailand



              Thailand is the hot country. It’s a bit above on equator. It’s meant all the year in Thailand the weather is around 28 – 35 degree Celsius in normal. Then, their behaviors usually like to go out when they have free times. They don’t like to spend the hours on their homes because it’s hot and they have to turn on air-conditioning that it’s meant they spent money for electric. So, they love to go to shopping center; watch some movies; eat the food and spend most of their time there. So, if you want to do some business and being successful, you should focus on how to solve the problem about hot weather. About the music festival trends, most providers like to make the music foam concert and it a good idea that makes a lot of providers rich.

In the past of Thailand about the concert, we had a lot of music investors, but not every investor would be succeeded. It's caused by many factors such as internet marketing; behavior of clients; too many styles of songs; security in the festival. But finally, you still need to consider about weather and don’t forget that most of the people love to see new things.

Then, the business should know about the changing trends of concert clients; create the new trick to make a hot weather gone when most of the people are seeing the music. The big music companies who still alive in this business. I notice they use a foam bath party be a selling point and choose waterpark to be a venue. An effect is quite good.

Fortunately, now is 2017; Most technologies are developed. It’s meant that is our opportunity. I believe in the past we never thought about taking the foam bath to anywhere else. But now we can do it. Most of the business who still succeed on this also shouldn’t be proud of your opportunity along because technology is developed very fast. You have to follow up technology carefully. If not, you might not be the first market share company anymore because nowadays doesn’t have any secret; other business can copy your styles, and they might be the first instead of you. You need to create your exact concert style; excellent services; make your brand and keep advertising.


Facebook is the most popular social in Thailand. Most know that Thailand has the greatest Facebook users in the world. But not only on Facebook that you should advertise on. A lot of online social that Thai people also use it. In Thailand, Advertising trend is starting to change from on television to mobile because communication network is quite well. More than others, as concert providers, should always be honest with customers; always serve the good service; don’t cheat by advertising.

Thailand’s also has long history and culture. They are friendly and polite. They don’t like too much sexy when you make a show especially the old people. So, if you do a wrong marketing strategy, you might be a bad business in Thailand. For me, whatever we do; wherever we invest the business on, we should respect manners/traditions of over there.

“We can be a champion without harm on other traditions.” And I wish everyone will be satisfied for each achievement.

The Story by เสื้อผ้าแฟชั่น