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Easy windows cleaning tips from a specialist


Just like the eyes are windows to the soul, the windows symbolize the attitude you have towards your possessions and even towards yourself. Naturally, if you value yourself, you’ll also value the stuff you have, and so you’ll do anything to keep them clean and presentable. On the contrary, if you neglect yourself or have a low opinion of yourself, you won’t keep yourself in shape, let alone your house or windows. But there’s a very deep psychological connection between happiness and cleanliness – the cleaner the place you live in, the happier and more motivated you are.

But enough of that deep psychological stuff. Let’s simply explain why it’s important to keep your windows clean. Clean windows symbolize clean intentions, honesty and straightforwardness – all key characteristics, ideal for your office image. Thus, keeping the windows in your office clean, you’re likely to be more respected, you’ll be liked and preferred to those employees who neglect their windows. What if you’re a housewife? Well, then keeping the windows clean will add to the appearance of your home and enhance the views your windows show. Again, a good reason to keep them clean, don’t you think?

However, when it comes to window cleaning, all sorts of problems arise – from how to remove smudgy stains to how to keep the windows spotless for a longer period. That’s why we asked specialists for advice. We interviewed five professional windows cleaners from five of the most famous windows cleaning companies in the country. We collected what they had to say about windows cleaning, how to keep windows clean and erase persistent stains.

1. Person 1, window cleaning expert from Perfect Window Cleaning

“Leave towels and other cloths aside – they just aren’t for windows. With them, you move the dirt around the window, you don’t remove it. Use professional squeegee or at least a sponge – with it you can eliminate all the dirt quickly without leaving smudges.”

2. Person 2, French windows cleaning specialist

“French windows are difficult to clean even for us, professionals, because they are smaller and yet take longer to clean. Using a professional tool – squeegee – is a must here because it’ll help you remove excess water and dirt with no efforts at all. Use really soapy water, too.”

3. Person 3, professional windows cleaning expert and DIY enthusiast

“At work, I always aim at using Eco-friendly or even homemade cleaning products. I’ve mastered the perfect windows cleaning technique – you don’t need squeegees or other fancy stuff – just a nice cloth, a good windows cleaning solution (mine is homemade) and sun. Rinse dirt, wet the window thoroughly with the cloth dipped in the cleaning solution and rinse again. Let the sun do the drying. Voila! Perfect results.”

4. Person 4, professional skylight cleaning expert

“Of pivotal importance is that you don’t use hot soapy water – the skylight is constantly exposed to sunlight which makes it more difficult to handle. It’s best if you cleaned it with cold water. Take your time to clean it properly – smudgy skylights are a disaster.”

5. Person 5, professional windows cleaning technician

“If you’re using a squeegee and you’re not doing the “s” technique, you’re doing nothing – this technique is best because it gives the water enough time to wet the window and remove dirt prior to the treatment with the squeegee. Also, as a short guy, I always make sure that I have a ladder close at hand – it’s better to get up on a ladder and clean the window properly than to try to reach the top of it by jumping.”


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