Success story of an entrepreneur

Sujatha Lakamanahalli, once a poor widow, becomes a successful entrepreneur and employs eight with the help of  I Create India Entrepreneurship Training.

Friday May 19, 2017,

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Sujatha Lakamanahalli is a woman of guts and determination who did not allow adversity to crush her spirits. She was a just a normal contended housewife with no great aims in her life till her husband met with an accident and left her and her son to fend for themselves.

Being a proud and kind woman, she did not want to leave her widowed mother-in-law alone and go back to her mother’s place after her husband’s death. She started a very small tailoring business, converting her interest into a business to earn a living.

She underwent the AEW (Aspiring Entrepreneurs Workshop) training conducted by I Create at RAPID. She conducted a market survey and found out that there was a big market out there. She decided to expand her business. I Create MAGIC fund assisted her with Rs.30, 000 in 2014.

She used to stitch clothes at home earlier; as her business and reputation grew she shifted her business to a commercial complex. She rented a place there for a monthly rent of Rs.3,000. As her business grew further, I Create MAGIC fund assisted her again with Rs.50,000 to set up her infrastructure to support her growing business.

Sujatha is a well known designer today in her area and in great demand during the festival and marriage season. As there is no dearth of festivals and marriages in India, she is running a very successful venture and has employed eight other women in her shop.

She is honest and hardworking, repaying her loans on time, she also helps other women in her area by taking tailoring classes to make them self sufficient. She is also very committed in what she is doing and wants to be an inspiration for people like her. Bravo Sujatha!