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SCIE: Taking Education Beyond Borders


The Symbiosis Group today is a well-known name due to the quality education that the Symbiosis Institutions are providing to students all over the globe. The entire dream started with a vision of one man whom we all know as Dr. S.B Majumdar. Before he set up the Symbiosis umbrella, Dr. Majumdar had a simple vision which was that he wanted to provide quality education, not just to Indian students but even the foreign students who came to India to pursue their academic interests. Guided by this motive, the academician initiated a movement that has only grown bigger by the day, in the form of a university in India for international students.

The Symbiosis Center for International Education is a pioneering effort that carries forth Dr. Majumdar’s vision. The center offers courses to Indian as well as international students. The programs are developed in accordance with the dynamic demands of the industry. Additionally, these programs give students more than just academic training. They give students a chance to be a part of the fast evolving global culture. The International Studies programs invite students to leave their homeland and pursue their academic interests giving them a chance to learn from others as well.

The learning that happens in a classroom will teach the student how to tackle the challenges in the globally connected business scenario. However, studying with participants from various different countries gives them a chance to interact, learn different cultures and above develop a unique ability to be able to leverage each other skills and achieve a task.

Dr. Majumdar has always preached and practiced the philosophy of the world being one family. With institutes like SCIE, this vision is realized on a daily basis. Students at SCIE are given quality education at an affordable price bringing together various nationalities under one roof. Not just education, the courses at SCIE are focused on developing a personality that helps you lead superbly successful professionals.

The faculty provides guidance and the course is conducted in a manner to ensure that students are able to learn in a better way. In order to ensure that the students are given an integrated environment to learn, the institution also hosts cultural programs, festivals, etc. which give the participants a glimpse of the diverse culture. To recognize the efforts and contribution of the foreign students coming to pursue the programs at SCIE, the institute also has the Outstanding Foreign Student of the year award.

The institute offers admission for foreign students in India for undergraduate programs developed after intensive research. To know more about the applicable admission dates and fees, interested participants are required to check the details on http://scie.ac.in/ website.



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