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Everything You Should Know About App Localization

Mobile app localization is one of the key aspects to cover global audience. So, here we show how localization is a significant aspect of a mobile app development company.

The Global Exposition:

The Entire world is transparent and open to us. We can easily watch out what's going on in other countries. Days are gone when we used to wait for the news to project the deformed version of reality especially when we are living in the era of smartphones with 24/7 internet connectivity. With the increasing trends and technology, social media has also thrown light on some dark corners where consumer behavior and their preferences are the highlighted points. The invention of mobile applications has augmented more market opportunities. Right from getting up in the morning till going off to bed, people are literally making intense use of their smartphone apps. No wonder, if you have got any successful app in your hometown then undoubtedly, it is the result of “right mobile app localization”.

What's Exactly Mobile App Localization?

As we know, mobile app stores have gone global. People that downloads your app can be located in any part of the country. In that case, your app may be available globally but it may not be ready to be accessed globally. So, to enforce global access of your applications amongst segments of users, mobile app localization is the key aspect to be considered.

What Arises The Need Of Application Localization?

1. Global Market Access:

Your application users are scattered in a different part of the universe. If you launch your app in the single language then you are reducing your app visibility. So to relish global access of your app localization is necessary.

2. More App Downloads:

Today, more than 85% of users activity are traced from the mobile application rather than browsers. Applications are downloaded and uninstalled within a minute. App Localization will help you to cover large user base and stand strong against competitors.

3. High Return On Investment:

ROI of the company who localized their application with multi-lingual support is much higher. So, localization is pretty much important to conquer the foreign countries.

How Can One Raise It's App Store Visibility Amongst Audience With Mobile App Localization?

1. Do App Localization For All Platforms:

With more than 4 billion application available in the mobile app store, it's pretty obvious that you need to localize your app for all platforms. iOS and Android are the most dominating platform that entices majority mobile app development company to develop apps on it. So, if you are targeting your application on both these platforms then, make use of platform-specific tools for localization process.

2. Design UI That Deal With Foreign Characters:

Providing best user experience in all your targeted languages is quite imperative if you want to boost your download rates. You need to design app page layout in a way that it accumulates the majority of the foreign characters, symbols and RTL languages. Generally, space issue is the major concern in UI design. So, make sure that you keep enough space to accumulate all languages that consume more space.

3. Leverage Positive Experience To Your Buyers:

Generally, we do optimize regional content in our application for positive buying experience. However, if you want to entice users globally and wish to leverage the best experience to buyers then optimize your translated content. Also, do not forget to localize your text and images to get adopted in versatile cultures. Make sure that prices should be displayed in local currency.

4. Test Your App On The Different Device:

To get the most out of your app, test your app on a different device, with different OS. Test your best to identify bugs and make sure there is no compromise in UI design. If you want to sit on the king throne of the app store then just don't make it look great, make it work extraordinary.

A great application is all about user convenience and best user experience. Stay tuned with me for more mobile updates!


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