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How to increase the value of your content using link outreach

Writing heaps and heaps of content pieces isn’t enough. Even if you generate high-quality content and it doesn’t get the right response, all your efforts are just a wild goose chase. With the overflowing content on the internet, no one pays attention to similar content pieces, let alone finding the uniqueness in them.

How to increase the value of your content using link outreach

Thursday August 24, 2017,

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So, the pain point here is to get your content noticed first. For this, a number of SEO tactics have been tried, tested, and implemented. A number of leading businesses have even earned tons of profit from such tactics.

One such SEO tactic is Link Building through Outreach. Here is how you can use link outreach to boost the worth of your content and make it worth sharing.

Step 1: In-Depth Research of Your Industry (for keywords and influencers)

This has got to be the first step! To write the content that generates links for your website, you need to start with an in-depth research of your industry.

The research must be performed on the keywords that are prevailing in your industry or domain. For instance, if you provide cleaning services, the most frequent keyword that can bring you the results is the ‘cleaning services (name of the location).

So, how would you get to know about these prevalent keywords? The answer is – SEO expertise. Bring your SEO experts into action and find the most effective keywords for your service or domain.


For link outreach, your need to perform a thorough research on the trending keywords being used by the authorities in your niche, as well. Plus, you need to search these authorities and see what kind of content they like, appreciate, or share.

With the right keywords inserted in your content, you can catch the eye balls of these influencers and if they find your content interesting, they will share it! So, a proper research on these keywords and your industry influencers is a must!

What’s to win: With an in-depth research about the keywords, you will be able to make your content noticeable by the influencers. With the research on the influencers, you will be able to target your content near them so they can notice it!

Also, you can directly approach these authorities to have your content shared for better link building through outreach. Through your research, you can make a list of the influencers that you want to outreach in the future after your content is created.

So, start your outreach process with this in-depth research and move on to the next step!

Step 2: Creating Industry-Specific Content on Trending Topics

Link outreach is successful with the right authorities sharing your content. And this works because these authorities have your audience.

Now, what’s the fun of choosing an influencer or authority that doesn’t speak for your industry! That’d be a complete waste of time. In the same manner, what is the fun of writing the content that has nothing to do with your industry? It’s no good!

So, for better link outreach, it is always recommended that you generate industry-specific content. Through this, you not only promote your own services in the industry but you can also come in light in front of the industry-specific influencers.


Once recognized by the influencers, your business content can be shared by the authorities and you can build lots of links for your website! So, always keep your content specific to your industry.

What’s to win: Would apple gain anything if it started writing about the food industry? No doubt people would listen to it as it’s a huge authority on the web, but there would be no returns for its own business. Similarly, no business can gain better returns if it keeps talking about the products and services of other industries.

So, generating industry-specific content is a must. Otherwise, you might have the attention of the audience but neither would they be your target audience and nor would they convert! Win the right audience and influencers by generating the content that is specific to your industry and channelizing it in the right direction.

Step 3: Using Outreach for Link Generation

After you’re well read about the industry-specific keywords and authorities and you’ve generated the industry-specific content, it’s time that you use the link outreach for generation of links.

This is where the real work for outreaching begins. It’s time for you to send out the message to the authorities or influencers. Through your research and the list of influencers that you’d created in the first step, you can come across all the industry-specific influencers that can be beneficial for your link building.

There are a number of methods to outreach the influencers but the most effective one is sending the messages via emails. You can seek help from the email marketing experts to send your outreach requests to the influencers.


Some of these might reply to your emails and the others might not. So, moving on with the ones that are interested, is a good move. The ones who don’t reply once can be contacted twice just in case they skipped your emails.

What’s to win: Talking to these influencers about your services and expertise and offering them to share your content can do the trick well! If you’ve done the right research, you will get to share your content with these influencers, thus, getting more exposure for your content, services, and business. This not only helps in link building but it can also help you in lead generation and conversion.

Step 4: Track and Record

Keep a complete track of the whole outreach process that you follow. Starting from the research order, the list of influencers, record of emails, replies, and content shared, everything must be tracked and recorded in an adequate pattern.

Also, special attention must be paid to the reviews that your influencers and their audience give to your content.


What’s to win: With the help of the right track and record of your outreach process, reviews, and feedback, you work rightly on your content, making it more shareable and industry-specific. This way, you can be on a continuous path of improvement that can eventually help you win in the digital competition.

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