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Access Notebook (a paper notebook sync to cloud) Pre-order and support to launch


A notebook paired with a tablet is the perfect combination. That’s why it’s no coincidence that Accessnotebook is the exact size of iPad mini.

everywhere you go, notes, drawing, business scratches, student imaginations written down in the notebook but it isn't available when you need it, we bring all your notes in a click with you by Access notebooks

Its an Notebook

Its an Service

Its and app

Your idea always changing the way we capture it doesn’t have to, we create ideas from our experience and mould them with time the moment the ideas is born and port on the paper became something special, something worthy that fills pages and these pages becomes books over flowing with ideas that can shape our future. With AccessNotebooks we can help grow your ideas and then keep it close even if they grow complex and inverse because each idea is formed from your personal experience, each one is special and single idea has become your personal library. Now you have all your ideas with you, all the time.

Start with us :

Step :1

Buy and enjoy, we will send you a blank, ruled, or dot-gridded notebook in the color of your choice. It's the size of an iPad Mini. Fill it in 1 day or 1 years. We’ll digitize it when you’re ready.

Step 2

Once you’ve filled your notebook, mail it back to us using the pre-paid shipping envelope hidden in the back cover.


We scan and digitize it for free within 5 days. Have the notebook recycled or returned to you. It’s your choice.


Enjoy your notes from anywhere in our beautiful app. Start your next notebook, and let the love continue.

The App

Once your notebook is digitized by us, your notes live on in the Access app. It’s a fully responsive web app making it easy to access from any mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. You can also sync your pages with Dropbox, Evernote,google Drive and OneNote.

we are rising funds to launch through crowdfunding platform Pre book and support us to launch