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Ambitious and Crazy

"With Brave Wings She Flies"

Ambitious and Crazy

Saturday July 02, 2016,

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When you are in your 20s and still confused which career path is meant for you. You know you are good with a few things but you are too scared to accept it as your profession. 

Pakhi is a 19 year old student of Manipal University Jaipur, pursuing her undergraduation ( Bachelor of Technology) in Information Technology and a Program in Writing, Rhetoric and Entrepreneurship Technology from Stanford University. She never liked Mathematics or Science in her entire school life. English and Humanities were always a piece of cake for her but she decided to pursue Engineering because it somewhere guarentees a secured future.

According to her, she merely had any talents and was like any other normal student in the first year. While trying to cope up with the subjects she never loved, something happened. She got a chance to present her first research paper on "Plot Sorting Algoritm" under the guidance of her senior and this gave her strength to not give up on Engineering so easily. With the insect she had for writing, she always wanted to do something more than just studies. On June 20th, she started writing for ManipalBlog.com and soon was made the head of ManipalBlogJaipur.com. In no time she had her first startup recruitment at Adsells and then LiveCabs, based on her first article that she wrote for ManipalBlogJaipur.com.

"I just got lucky and nothing else," says she. And this is how her journey began. Her best friends and his brother Aniket ( also a coder at heart) along with her family motivated her to take up writing again, seriously. Till date she had already worked with 6 startups, 4 NGOS, 1 International Magazine, as a content writer and growth hacker. She has 3 papers published in her name , one related to medical and the other two to computers. 

Trying her hand with content writing, her dad was an inspiration behind to write poems and stories too. Now she is a proud published author of an anthology of poems named "Life as it happens", already a bestseller on Amazon, releasing on 7th of August with two more books to be launched in September and November this year.

She is already a Google certified data analyst evangelist, pretty young for this field, she says,"You cannot test your ability according to your age.It is your passion that drives you."

Being done with data analysis, growth hacking, content writing, getting published, it was hard for her to find peace again. Her mother wanted her to become a doctor and she always had that Bio inclination in her too. Her mother loved Biology which inspired her to do certificate courses in Congenital Hypothyroidism, Cancer Clinical Trials, Opoid Prescribing and Antibiotic Processing from Stanford University School of Medicine and Tufts University School of Medicin too. She loves combining computers and biology together which made "Computation Biology" her favourite subject.

Having collected much experience , she is now all set to re-launch her father's company, "Shanti Creations" which he had to keep at halt because of the lack of time, by the end of this year, applying technology and art together, testing herself in Entrepreneurship too.

She aspires to study Physcology at Harvard University someday and is eager to do something related to the field of mental disorders and cognitive disabilities in her mid 20s, after becoming an IFS Officer.

"I am still struggling to get through college somehow, half engineer I am"