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Five apps that train your brain for better focus and memory, it works!


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most affected mental illnesses that is hampering the cognitive capabilities of children and even adults’. ADHD is allied with structural, functional, physiological and chemical abnormalities in multipleareas of the brain. It is caused due to the imbalance of two chemical messengers or neurotransmitters in the brain.

In fact, ADHD affected patients need routine exercise to strengthen the cognitive capability of their brain. As today there is an app for everything, ADHD is not exception of that. Here we are listing out some of the best brain training apps that improve concentration, organization skills,and memory for ADHD patients.By just spending a few minutes a day, patients can improve their cognitive capabilities.

Top 5 Brain Training Apps that can be a Remedy for ADHD

CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit Brain Fitness app first present you a quick quiz where you can evaluate your cognitive abilities. Then you can personalizeactivities to pose a challenge to your mind and train your brain.It lets you gain focus, memory, and attention. You can also make your friends dig into it, so you will be able toearn “Neurons” to monitor your progress.

Platform (s): Android and iOS

Price: free

Elevate Training App

Elevate Training App was built on the outcome of a scientific research dug by neuroscience and cognitive learning experts.It helps to gear upcognitive skills through regular training sessions. Every user can go through a personalized training program that maximizes cognitive capabilities with the each session. If you’re expecting to sharpen memory, processing speed, or comprehension, Elevate Training is the best app you can go with. Thanks to the mobile app developers who developed it.

Platform (s): Android and iOS

Price: free


Lumosity was designed by neuroscientists to sharpen cognitive skills. It offers you a personalized training programin the form ofdozens of games to create a perfect remedy for ADHD. It elevates your memory, focus, and problem solving abilities.

Platform (s): Android and iOS

Price: free


Everybody’s mind is filled with tremendous capabilities to achieve bigger thingsbut we fail to propagate it towards a right direction, but MindNode lets you do it by creating “mind maps”.Mind map is avisual representation that shows you how your ideas fit into a larger project. Start with creating a new “node (idea)” and drag to connect it to other nodes. The app consolidates your thoughts in an intuitive manner, which will be supportive for you to work towards a larger goal.

Platform (s): iOS

Price: $9.99

Brain Training: Focus

Brain Training: Focus app helps you improve your focus and concentration. The app is focused on colour theory. It provides you tasks where you should subdue the “Stroop Effect” to match the color of the word with its name.The concept of the appinspired frompsychologist John Ridley Stroop’s theory. According to his findings, when the word "green" is written in purple ink it takes a much longer time to recognize properly than if its name harmonised its color.

Platform (s): Android

Price: $9.99


I hope you are now much energized to practice with these apps after knowing their outstanding benefits. Just download the app and look out how you will come out of the mental imbalance. In case,if you’re a company looking to develop the same kind of app for your business, you should choose the best company from top mobile apps development companies that has a very good understanding of the concept.